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Jack Knochel
Concord, NC
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I am a former Marine and do all I can to help out our men and women in uniform now. I currently work at a large bank in the area. Run a non profit called REEL TIME. We take Movie Night to the less fortunate. We bring the screen, projector, sound system, dvd player, popcorn poppers, drinks, and candy to go to childrens homes, hospitals, VA, homeless shelters, etc... We do 3-6 shows a month. We also own a travel agency called Semper Fi Vacations. We donate 10% of our profits to non profits that take care of our military heros. Once we get this REI stuff down, we plan on doing alot more with our wounded men and women. THANKS Dean for getting our RE passion back!


Working out, helping others, REI, Politics but I am trying to follow Dean's advice and turn it off for a while.

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Welcome to DG...

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Hello Jack and Michelle,

I still live in NJ but have Family in the South.

I may need your help with my Father's house real soon, he has a Ranch in Kannapolis NC. I am still working on my first deal nothing on the table yet.

But my Dads house is in need of work, I dont know all the particulars but I am for sure if he got cash he would sell it.

I will keep you posted.

Hey, just saw this!

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Good morning, not sure why, but I hadn't seen your message until this morning. Keep me posted onyour dads place. Where in NJ are you? I grew up in Atlantic Highlands, left there in 87 when I joined the Marine Corps, but have family still up there. LATER


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Jack and Michelle, I live off of 73 in Rollingwood Forest near Reservoir. Looking to partner with someone in this area or just to bounce ideas off of. If interested, let me know. Lori

Hey Lori

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We haven't been on the site in a while. We bought into Success Academy last year but also bought a travel franchise and didn't work REI at all. We are not actively looking and have a 1 bid in on a Short Sale and have a couple more houses we are looking at, at this time. What are you looking at doing as far as REI? We live in Cabarrus Crossing, the corner of 73 and Poplar Tent Road. Jack

Need Ohio Buyers

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I am direct on 7 wholesale properties here in dayton Ohio. AVR:$300k asking:$75K Will assign


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Do you have any updates as to how things are going? I know of a number of ways to boost your non-profits. What an awesome mission you have going!

I'm open to teaming up or lending a helpful hand or word. Lets get REI.

Welcome to the DG family

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Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.
God bless us all keep up the good work soldier

Also nice picture I hope we look nice to in our picture.
God bless.

Giving back!

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I love what you are doing for the community!
'Giving back' is a driving force that produces hope, compassion, and a will 'to do more' and a will 'to be better'.
I have to sponsored sons in two different countries; and I hope that I can remain in a position to continue supporting them. I am building my rei business, so that I can do more, a lot more!
By the way, I'm right 'next door' near the Concord Mills area! "Howdy neighbor' hahahaha! I wish you continued success!
Freedom Seeker,

Semper Fi

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I am proud of you brother, I am trying to roll just like that!

Do or Die!