New Forum Idea - New Investors: How to get started, how we got started, a Mentor for everyone, etc.

New Forum Idea - New Investors: How to get started, how we got started, a Mentor for everyone, etc.

Hello DG Members,

I have been reading a lot from the new members and I see a common theme. Most new DG Members have a fear to start or a fear that holds them back from taking action. I see many new DG Members join but over the course of a few weeks, they do not take action or join or participate in the threads or forums to share ideas and ask questions.

I always believe everyone has something to offer and we can all learn form each other. I want to see the DG website continue to grow and prosper with knowledge and information for all. Because knowledge is power! Knowledge will replace fear and uncertainty! Knowledge will lead us all on a path to financial freedom to achieve our goals and make the people close to us proud! Dean has generously shared his knowledge with all of us by taking his time to write several books, create various programs and a website to teach to other's what took him more than 20 years to learn. I can not believe the information that Dean makes readily available to all of us just for the asking.

Thus, I am proposing a new forum topic area for New Members. The area can discuss how each of us got started, how we overcame our fears, and how today we move forward. I believe new DG Members have a lot of questions, but often are afraid to ask because they do not want to look like they do not know the answer. How often have we heard in a class that one person may ask a question but 5 other people wanted to ask but were afraid to raise their hand. I want all the new members out there. Jump in, jump into the DG website, TODAY! Take action and be a part of something that is great! The only questions that may be viewed as a "bad question" are the questions you are afraid to ask. So, be sure to ask and be part of something, something that can change your life, something that can give you hope, something that will reignite the American Dream inside of you!

Also, many new members are looking for mentors. Mentors are great and can help in many ways. But to those of you that can not find a mentor, here is my advice. Dean is the best mentor of all! He is on demand for you 24 hours a day with the videos such as "Deal of the Month," or "Dean's Weekly Video Blog," his books, videos, etc. You can have Dean there 24 hours a day on demand to help you through the day. Be sure to take advantage of this benefit as well as the DG website. These benefits are like the Mastercard commercial......real estate investing....Deans books and programs and the DG website.....PRICELESS!

Today is the day, do not put off until tommorow what you can achieve and accomplish today! The plan and information is right here for the asking for the taking, but it is up to you? Are you Ready?...Lets GO! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

"I am naive enough to think that I can do my part in helping change the world, and if that's a bad thing, then, so be it, the Question is....who's coming with me?"
- Dean Graziosi


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Joe Jurek CPA

Good Luck Phil

I am also new to this. I joined the DG Insider Elite and am going through his program called 30 Days to Quick cash formula. Have you joined this program, you get it for 2 weeks for a dollar then at a very reasonable monthly cost?
Let me know what you are using to learn.
Where are you located? I am here in Seattle.
Take care,

Love it!

Thank you Joe,

I am definitely a newbie and sometimes I wonder if I am just running on a hamster wheel, however, connecting to the DG site and Family I have taken my first step, however, I have been attempting to do this since 20010, and invested every cent I had to purchase the EDGE 2014 or 2015 cannot remember. Think it's 2015. I have a Realtor, but only one, working with a mentor/investor whenever I have the opportunity, sometimes I wonder if I will ever move forward...however, post like Joe's are the ones that keep me hopeful.

Thank you again for sharing and the being an inspiration.


Jennie Ortiz


Congratulations to you Bryant!

You just gave me some hope to keep on keeping on!



Jennie Ortiz

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