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About Me: 

In the past few years we have learned so much about real estate and we have been able to mentor and teach so many other students along the way.


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Believe and Achieve! - Joe

Carpe Diem! - Stacey

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DG Superstar / Real Estate Investors / Mentor / Success Coach / Author / CPA / Motivational Speaker
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We are investors in the Toledo, OH area. We consistently locate properties that we have to let somebody else profit from. Our available cash will not cover the deals we find. If you would like to receive information on our “overflow” properties, please let us know what you are looking for (criteria) and we can work something out and forward information to you.

Happy almost holidays

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How are you doing!!!
Just want to keep with DG family member, try to keep support going!!! it's holiday season, wish you and your love one happy and healthy.

Buying Summit

We just went to the Buying Summit in Las Vegas. An awesome event. We bought 4 tax liens, met some great people and came home ready to do some deals.
Enjoy the holidays and make some New Year's Resolutions for success.

Hey Indiana Joe

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Good to meet you i read about you in Dean Last book and i hope to reach out for help your way if needed! THANKS IN ADVANCE

I was there...

I was there good staff a lot of knowledge, things that I never knew before were revealed to me. I am looking forward to go there soon.


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My name is Caroline and I just wanted to say you guys are a real inspiration for me and my husband!

I am a full time college student and I'm working hard to get my first deal! And your videos and testimony are one of the strategies I always think about and wonder if I can implement. I've learned a lot from your deals! Keep up the great deals and God bless you guys more and more!


Bank REO - not listed

Hi Joe & Stacey,

This is Pilar from Orlando (back in July 2012) Boots on the Ground training. How are you?

I have a question, I am still working up to a deal and have been driving around for dollars. I am going to call but wanted to ask you guys what should I say to get the ball rolling. The property is not listed but I am looking to make an offer. How do I go about doing this? Thanks for your help.

Boots on the Ground forms

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Hey Joe, I was wondering if the forms we were given in Boots on the Ground are available on Word. I was going to type the letter suggestions into Word but thought I would ask you if there was a place to find them instead and just plug in our information. Just trying to save some time. Still excited and looking forward to our first deal.

Thanks again for everything. You are the best!!


Indiana Joe ROCKS!

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Your skills and drive are unreal, I couldn't possibly explain in words how inspiring you are. I hope to be able to give back some day to others the amount you give back. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing.


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Hey guy, just need a little advice on what to look for when searching for small community banks that offer no seasoning refinancing, and what questions to ask once I'm on the phone with them. THANKS!!

Continously educating myself

When I read these various posts, I know that many people are continously reading the material provided by Mr. Graziosi. I just want to say that I am always gaining inspiration from the many members on his website. There is a lot I still don't understand about real estate so I will continue to learn and keep coming to the DG website!


Hi, I'm new to this and still trying to get stated. You are such an inspiration to my wife and I. Thank You.


Hey Joe! You are the BOMB!
Remember me? Sherry would refer to us as "The Class That Taught Her The Meaning Of Incontinent" You had to be there!!! Smiling

I did my first deal yesterday with Tamra Winter. Her LLC is called Winter Resources and Steve and I are Springtime Investments LLC. So Springtime and Winter did two transactions together!!!! We bought lots. One in Colorado very close to a lake($600.00) and one in Texas very close to A&M. ($6,000.00)

I saw your EDGE performance and I am only sorry I did not get your autograph when I had the chance!

It is a great day,
Laura Janovich
A.K.A. lookoutworld!


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Thanks for stopping by my guestpage and the nice comments. I appreciate it. Congratulations on your first deal. I am sure there are many more to come! Keep up the good work. Believe and Achieve! - Joe

HomePath Properties


I am being told Homepath properties cannot be purchased by investors... that they must be owner occupied. I also was under the impression that you know of a way to legally get around this restriction.

Can you share any insight?




in desperate need of motivational help, ur opinions, advice, anything you'de be willing to help us with.
love following you guys thru the dg family.....we need to become a success story b4 beginning of 2014....

thank you and God bless:)


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If you want to purchase a Homepath property as an investor you have to wait until after the "First Look" period. The First Look Program under Fannie Mae usually allows only owner occupants to purchase a first look property. After the first look period ends, the property is usually open to all to make an offer and purchase. If you go to the website and find a home under "first look" click on it and it will explain. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thank for stopping by my guestpage. Here are a few links on to assist you with wholesaling and building a buyers list to wholesale deals. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Training videos on building a buyer's list

Dean's Success Academy Coach Jeff Jenson Building Buyer's List Tips:

Video by Dean on Building a Buyer's List:

Conference Call with Dean and Jeff Jenson on Building a Buyer's List:

DG Success Fest link to download (Chapter 1) a FREE Guide to Building a Buyer’s List:

Links to Indiana-Joe's Real Estate Journey and Adventures!

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I recently have celebrated my 4 year anniversary, April 28, 2009, on I joined the day my wife and I returned from the Gain the EDGE 2009 Event.

I often think about all the great information I have learned as well as information I have shared over the years. Thus, I decided to put together this brief Link Look Back at some of the stories and adventures of Indiana-Joe which I hope everyone enjoys! Smiling

Indiana-Joe's Daily Adventure Journal

Indiana Joe's Guidemap to finding REO Gems...let the adventure begin!

Indiana-Joe's Epic Adventure Journal as I continue my successful journey through the Cash Lands of eBay & Craigslist Treasures!

Getting to Know your Neighborhood Real Estate Market.....How to start the Adventure!

Driving for Dollars - Discover Delightful Deals Daily!

Watch for those Great Deals on Boomerang Homes!

Be Bold...Be Loud...and Be Proud! - Why you Car, Van, SUV or Truck is a Billboard in Motion!

New Forum Idea - New Investors: How to get started, how we got started, a Mentor for everyone, etc.

Real Estate Investor’s 12 Days of Christmas!

Dear Santa Claus, Please reserve my copy of Mr. Dean Graziosi's new book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits!" this year!

Will the next deal be a Trick or a Treat? Beware of the scary cast of characters!

Gain the EDGE 2013 – A movie of your life, starring YOU as a real estate investor!

Directory Summary of Power Team Question Series # 1 - # 10

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Attached below is a summary direcory for the Power Team Question Series:

Power Team Question Series # 1: CPA - Certified Public Accountant

Power Team Question Series # 2: Property Managers

Power Team Question Series # 3: Realtors

Power Team Question Series # 4: Attorneys

Power Team Question Series # 5: Bankers

Power Team Question Series # 6: FSBOS - For Sale by Owner

Power Team Question Series # 7: Contractors

Power Team Question Series # 8: Title Company

Power Team Question Series # 9: Cash Buyers

Power Team Question Series # 10: Landlord Buyers

Feel free to post comments and feedback here as well as on any of the above individual question series forums. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Hi my name is travis i really want to wholesale a foreclosed home right now i have no money but its like somethings not allowing me to go out and do it. Do u have any advice on how i could make a fast flip.please


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If you are looking at a foreclosed home and want to wholesale the deal, you can consider doing a double closing. You buy the home and use funds from a transactional lender and immediately turn around and sell the home to a cash buyer. The key is to build your Buyer's List with as many Cash Buyer's as possible. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

DG Links to help you in Building a Buyer's List

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Training videos on building a buyer's list

Dean's Success Academy Coach Jeff Jenson Building Buyer's List Tips:

Video by Dean on Building a Buyer's List:

Conference Call with Dean and Jeff Jenson on Building a Buyer's List:

DG Success Fest link to download (Chapter 1) a FREE Guide to Building a Buyer’s List:

Attitude ?

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"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative."
~ W. Clement Stone


Hi there Joe. Can you help?

I have a simple question. Once you have a house under contract and find the investor to assign it to. Do you just need to turn in the contract and the assignment of contract to the title company? Or do you also need a contract between you and the investor?

Thanks for your help,



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Thanks for stopping by my guestpage. When you do an assignement you need the original offer to purchase real estate contract to read your name / and or assigns as the buyer. You only need two items for the assignment:

1. The offer to purchase contract with the and/or assigns language

2. Completed one page assignment contract that reflects whom the buyer is now that you assigned the contract

You can even find an example of the blank assignment contract on under Student Resources.

Good luck! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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I just sent 5 postlets to my buyer in a location he had requested. I only disclosed the city and he said that some of the properties looked promising. He indicated he could be sure unless he new the exact location. I went forth and gave him the addresses. I do not have any of these properties under contract and wanted to be compensated for a bird dogging fee. Now I feel regret for giving him the addresses because what is keeping him from Googleing the properties himself and bypassing me. What did I do wrong so I can fix it next time?

Jessica Mena


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With wholesaling your opportunities are going to be Bird dogging, assinging, or double close. With assignment or double close it is really important that you have the property locked up under contract beore giving the address to your cash buyer. With Bird Dogging it is ok to give out the address as long as you have a bird dog agreement with your cash buyer. An example of a bird dog agreement can be found on the website under the student resource section under forms and docs found on the left hand side of the main home page.

With this particular buyer you could always cirlce back and ask for a bird dog fee and in the future always have your agreement in place with the buyer prior to giving out any address information.

Do not worry about feeling like you made a mistake this is how we learn lessons and gain knowledge with Real Estate investing. Good luck with your future Real Estate deals,
Believe and Achieve- Joe



Chris and I just finished our 3 day Boots on the Ground training with you in Orlando and we are SSSOOOO VERY THANKFUL for all of the wisdom you gave us, the great "Joe-Nuggets" you shared and your overall positive comments that have inspired us to do the best we can!!!

We are 2 days out of the Boots and already we have gotten 3 responses to our Craigslist ads!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Thank you for your efforts and encouragement for our success!!!!!! YOu are truly a great motivator, your knowledge on the house walk throughs we did, and your insights on the rehab items at Lowes were just what we needed to prove that this is not some unsurmountable beast of a project, but rather something we can accomplish with hard work and partnering with positive, knowledgeable people!!!

Good luck to you and your family Joe and thank you!!!

Kerry and Chris

Kerry and Chris,

Indiana-Joe's picture

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it. I am so glad you both enjoyed the Boots on the Ground Event in Orlando this past week. I enjoy meeting and working with DG students and it is nice to know students such as yourselves appreciate not only the course content but also all the golden nuggets that are shared. These golden nuggets are some of the most valuable lessons that we learned and now share with other students as we move forward with our real estate investing. I wish both of you success with real estate andKeep up the good work. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


I am looking for a good letter to

send to my Privaty Money Lenders or

to my Hard Money Lenders.

Thank you


Indiana-Joe's picture

With hard money lenders it is all about the deal and if the numbers making sense to the HML. The numbers in the spreadsheet funds the deal. Hard money lenders will loan the money if the numbers look good. Shop around for hard money lenders they are all over the internet but make sure you do your due diligence and compare rates and terms.

In regards to private lenders, it is all about trust and rate of return. I often state that one must hit a greed button with a private lender meaning the return has to be appealing enough to them. However, they have to trust you or have more than enough collateral to fund the deal. Rather than have one generic letter to send everyone, it is better to customize the letter to the private lender you are dealing with. I also find that it is sometimes better to find lenders by having conversations in person rather than by mailing a letter. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

added service

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Hey Joe,
Speaking a s a single mom who had to mow lawns and shovel snow the added perk of snow removal and lawn care in the rent gets me motivated.Good ideas.


Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for stopping by my guestpage and the additional feedback comments. Some small perks can go a long way with tenants and buyers. Good luck on you future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hello joe im Kieran new to

Hello joe im Kieran new to IE ? . WHAT do i do first . When i contact the seller about the house. Now, i got my sheet ready to wright down the info about the house. Do i make a offer ones i get the information about the house from the seller or do i make a offer ones i find out what the comp are then go back or call the seller and then make that offer to him or her right then and there?

Hello Kieran,

Indiana-Joe's picture

Some key points you need are as follows:

1. Have an exit strategy to know what you will do with the property if you get it under contract at your price. Some people wholesale it, while others would buy fix and flip or keep it as a rental.

2. What is the After Repaired Value (ARV)

3. Make your offer based on the comps you get from a Realtor. The ARF will be based on how much in repairs is necessary to make the home valued to the ARV.

Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

What ? To ask.

Good day .. Can you tell me what ? Do I ask a , lender , Mortgage Broker , a R/E Lawyer. I'm not shore what ? To ask when looking for a good one ...

would you be intrested at all or know someone that would be???!

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Got an amazing investment in Northern Maricopa co in AZ!

our company has a HUD home on 6 acres in contract......3bedroom 2 bathroom only 5-10K in rehab. Our company's bid was accepted at HUD's LOWEST offer of 308k!!!!!!!!
Comps run anywhere from $355-$399,000!!!!!!
the ideas to do with this house are endless...... THIS IS A HUGE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!!!!

2K birddog fee in this investment, that leaves you with a MINIMUM OF 43K ARV PROFIT ON THE TABLE.

If you need a company to do rehab, our company has a Licensed General Contractor that can do repairs and work out a deal with you!!!

PM MELISSA TODAY! Im sure you know HUD homes have only at 308k FIRM, and POF is due

again this is a MINIMUM OF 40K PROFIT ARV!!! That's a lot of money sitting on the table for this turning market right now!!!!!

This would be my 1st HUD deal!!!!

Let me know if you know of any cash buyers that would be interested in that price range in AZ, id be willing to pay for finding the still new at this and im plugging away at finding my cash buyers list!!!Smiling

still following you guys and keeping up with all your inspiration!!!!

Green here! Is there a "Friend" feature somewhere up here?

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If so, "Friend" me!

Just... Do it! Smiling


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Most grateful for this. Thank you!

Indiana Joe! Hello!

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Hi, Joe and Stacey!
We're brand new to this site and getting ready to attend our first three-day live event. We're always looking for motivation from other's success and you are at the top, congratulations! We are both committed to learning everything we can and making things happen. We hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day and to learn more about your successful ventures.

Chris and Rachael Coulson Smiling
Denver, CO

I Want to work with all positive people

I come to this website with an open mind truly wanting to learn more about doing the deals. I read the 30 day Quick Cash book and I believe the strategies work. I believe I can bring people good deals in California. Can I work directly with Dean or someone on here like Dean talked about in the book. I am a father striving for a better life for my daughter and by no means do I want to be subject to the barriers of conformity. I am willing to dedicate fourteen hours a day to this. If I could work directly with someone that has already done it that would be amazing. I write this with complete sincerity.

Ethen Carrell

I Want to work with all positive people

I come to this website with an open mind truly wanting to learn more about doing the deals. I read the 30 day Quick Cash book and I believe the strategies work. I believe I can bring people good deals in California. Can I work directly with Dean or someone on here like Dean talked about in the book. I am a father striving for a better life for my daughter and by no means do I want to be subject to the barriers of conformity. I am willing to dedicate fourteen hours a day to this. If I could work directly with someone that has already done it that would be amazing. I write this with complete sincerity.

Ethen Carrell

I have a few questions hope u can help.

I hope you can help, or advise me on what to do.
They're are two situation developing at the moment.
Home owner is losing homes due to back taxes.
However the houses are in the fathers name who passed away for yrs. Mailing tax info is to the daughter, who I have yet to talk to on any negotiations.
I was told their is a trust fund for the son and daughter at 25 for properties, which should be coming up on the 17th.
They have been subpoenaed on the 12th of this month for back taxes.

My question is what do you advise, to negotiate to see if I can assign the houses.

I would even consider paying the back taxes however, I would really not want to do Landlord thing.

Pls help I feel, a sense of urgency to negotiate this. I will be getting the address for the two town house by tomorrow.



Bandit sign phone #

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Joe or Stacy,
Please help me. I was watching 2013 Edge Event and it said on there for the bandit signs DO NOT put your Home or Cell # on the bandit signs. My question is this "Then what # do I put since I can't afford another phone"?
Thanks for your time.

Annette Bates


Indiana-Joe's picture

You can go to Google Voice and open a new phone number for free. The new phone number is then linked to whatever phone you link it to such as your cell phone. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Syracuse NY. Help - POwer Team

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Hi Joe: Long time since my BOG. I am foreclosing on an empty property in Syracuse NY and I need a referral for a reputable broker, or any other professionals that can help me assess the condition of the house and therefore help me determine its potential value. I need that in order to determine whether to go ahead with the process, and the expenses associated with foreclosing.

Do you have anyone in Syracuse?

Hello Francisco,

Indiana-Joe's picture

It is nice to hear from you and I hope all is well in sunny southern Florida! Any real estate broker can do a CMA for you. A comparative market analysis. Look in the area your proeprty is located and contact a local real estate office there. If you want to eventually list the property for sale, this is a good way to screen a few brokers to quickly access their knowledge of the market and get a few opinions on the value through a free CMA report that they can do. Also, you could contact local real estate property management ccompanies to determine moire information on that local area. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Good evening Mr. Jurek just watched your 2013 Edge event and you were amazing. Thank you for all of your wisdom!


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Thank you for the comments and stopping by my Guestpage. I am glad you liked my presentation in the the 2013 EDGE. I really enjoy Dean's event and like helping others with what we can share. The Edge is an amazing event filled with information and inspiration. Good luck with real estate investing and all your futre deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe