Website... and Agent Needed?

Website... and Agent Needed?

First things first, I just put together a website and I was hoping someone could give me some notes on it. Thanks.

Ok, so I think Im ready to jump into this investing. I just want to know if I should find an agent first to go over things also to get all the paper work in order so I know exactly what I am doing?

And one more question... does the bank really allow people to make a purchase agreement contract like the IEE system Dean taught and that Matt did. I just want to know how to go about getting the bank to do that.

Thanks for any and all help you can give you all are awesome.


here is the website... sorry

Sorry I forgot to put this in the last one. =)

Nice site!!

Your site is put together well. It is precise and to the point. What more could you ask for? Glad to see u made it back! I am a 10 year USAF veteran and I know about deployments. (not for 22 months, WOW!!) Once again, great site.

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