DG Member Cruise to the Caribbean

DG Member Cruise to the Caribbean

Hey everybody, I know this doesn't have anything directly to do with RE, but I just thought that since we are and will be making money in a few days, weeks and/or months that we could make plans to get together for a DG Member Cruise for all those interested. I will be going on a cruise in November, sailing out of Tampa, Fl. If any one is interested PM me about details or just express your thoughts here about doing one then or maybe sometime next Spring. I'm sure that we would all like to meet up with our DG brothers/sisters. Maybe even talk Dean into coming as well?????


Well, I guess nobody is

Well, I guess nobody is interested in going on a cruise and meeting up with other DG members. I think it would be a great way for us to get together and tell what is working for us in today's market. We could get some guest speakers to come also, such as Dean or Matt. Hint, Hint guys.


Hey guys, just wanted to invite everyone to take a look at this post and tell me what you think. I cruise would be a great way to meet up and discuss what is working for us and to help us newbies to get started. Some of you may be thinking that a cruise will cost way to much money, but in reality it is one of the cheapest vacations that you can take. Unless you are one who wants the Presidential Suite, you can get a 4-5 day cruise for as little as $250-$400 per person. That would include the cruise, taxes/port charges. If you have three or four to a room it makes rate cheaper per person. Some of the best months to go for low rates is April, November, December (but not on Holidays of course). Give me your thoughts on it and lets see if we could make this happen. Also, since it would be business trip, it could be tax deductible to you!!!!! Can you believe that, Uncle Sam paying for part of your cruise?


great idea brian!! i was going to post to see if anyone enjoyed cruising myself and to see if any other dgers were going on one!! my wife and i r going next month and was wondering if any dgers were going to be onboard!! that would be awesome to plan a dg cruise with guest speakers!! lets get ahold of dean or megan and get this idea in motion brian!! let me know what you need me to do and i will help you !!


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Hi jbtoggs

Would love to get a cruise setup for some or all of us to go. I am going in November and can't wait!!! I am a travel agent, so I could get a block of cabins and get a group rate for us. If anyone else is interested, let me know and we could do the one I'm already going on or something else. We could even do a couple different ones for East/West coast members. PM me jbtoggs and tell me all about the one you are going on. Love to hear about it.

cruise trip

i think that is an awesome idea brian. i was talking to my tax club coach this week and he told me that only one 1% of Americans are millionaires.
but 76% got there through real-estate that leaves only 24% from everything else. is that awesome or what?????
we have picked the righ way to go and to get all are minds together at the same time could be, and sould be, a great opportunity for all.
we are the next 1% lets set it up i hope you think this is a good idea dean. good luck to all
bob & sandy
topaz solutions inc.


robert a sanfilippo

Great Idea

Brian, I think it is a exellent idea. However, I do get internal air imbalance and motion sickness. You will not like to see me after the ship begin cruising. I will be walking from side to side. I experience this for the first time after taking a trip to Liberty Island. Uncomfortable feeling, I had to sit for at least 30 minutes for my brain to realize I was now on land. Well I am still optimistic that I may be able too, not sure. God Bless.



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Sounds awful

Is there any kinds of motion sickness medicines or patches that might work for you? I would love to get as many of us as possible to go, as well as Dean and Matt. We could have T-shirts made so that we could wear and everyone would know who we are.


Hi Dean, Just wanted to see

Hi Dean, Just wanted to see if you would be interested in a DG Family Cruise sometime soon. Would you, Matt and some of the other experts be willing to be a part of? Maybe have a different seminar each day with a meet and mingle. I'm scheduled on a cruise now in Nov out of Tampa. Could do it if enough rooms available or late April next year. Let me know what you think about it.

Thanks much,


Hey Brian

That sounds like an awesome idea I have a friend who has a T-shirt shop let me know the dates and I will have her print up the shirts and when the dates get closer and we know how many I'll just bring them along and people can put a donation in the bucket if they want and if not it will be my contribution to the DG family. Any graphic designers out there get your design concepts ready.

Thanks Granny

That would be great Granny, thanks for offering to take care of ordering the shirts. I can't wait to see some of the designs our DG friends may come up with. I'm sure there are some designers on here. I'm getting excited about the possibility of meeting all you great folks. Keep the ideas flowing. We may even be able to get some new members out of it. We could hold some raffles for Dean's books and such.


It's not that people don't want to go on a cruise. People want to make money doing deals. That's why we are all here.


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Build Assets

I understand thats why we are here, I know I am. I just thought that this would be a great way for a lot of us to get together and have some seminars by Dean and some of his successful students. I'm sure we would all learn alot from a live training seminar. I learn more from listening and seeing examples than I do just reading a book. Plus it would be a business expense that could be tax deductible. I'm not trying to take away from making money and learning real estate, but to increase our knowledge with a little fun and relaxation.

Hope you will join us,


cruise trip

hi people like i said before its an awesome idea and we would love to go but we would need to set a specific date. its kind of hard if not impossible to work it out with great numbers on such short notice. me and sandy could not make it when you are going i wish we could . but if we put are heads together and we all have (great minds) we could make this work. please keep the feed back comming and lets set this up 6-8 months from now.
let us know what you think dean

bob & sandy
topaz solutions inc.


robert a sanfilippo

Cruise Seminar

Bob and Sandy, that is what I was thinking. I was looking at late April, as I have to get thru tax season before I'll be able to get away from work again. Also, I like to go in April before hurricane season and the rates are a good bit cheaper at that time. I know whatever we choose it won't be good for everyone, but I would like for it to be a time when Dean and Matt would be available if they are interested in coming along. Well I'll be looking for something for late April, 2010 and will let you all know what I find. Maybe, I'll post two or three options and let anyone who is on board choose which one. If anyone talks to Dean or Matt please let them know what we are wanting to do so that they may contact me and let me know if it sounds like something they would be interested in.



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