Wholesaling in NY State

Wholesaling in NY State

As Anyone Assign a deal to another investor in NY State?

If so, How And What Contract did you use?

Is there and a specific way the contract need to be written, or can we use the contract dean gave us?

I am a were that each state has their on laws on contract

Please help me understand this...

Thank you
God Bless



gerard that is a good question as i would like to know also.sorry i cant answer it BUT i have a contract assignment signed and trying to assign it and i am in upstate ny way up on the canadian border. i can throw a baseball [ALMOST] to canada.just kidding but close.i have explained it to my realtor and she does not have any problems with it but it would be wise for us to find out that info in our state.i guess i will find out after it happens if something ISNT LEGAL but i believe it is!![my opinion] good luck gerard!!


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I'm just starting and would love all the advice that I can get. I am starting out with wholesale to generate $$$$. So that I may get busy with this GREAT market. Any tips you can pass on?



I agree We Need To know

If Every one knew how to approach the real estate law in this state that can change everything...

Right now I can't afford an attorney

Please If you are reading this and you know the question to that let us know

Don't be afraid to answer, because there is no wrong answer

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