7 Days Until Close - Green Bay WI Opportunity

7 Days Until Close - Green Bay WI Opportunity

This is a Wholesale House @ $68,500. Sorry for the short notice I was going to keep this light rehab house to flip, but another "sold" rehab did not close as planned. So this will be a Fast Close! This is a Great 4 bedroom brick home located in a beautiful east side neighborhood, with 1 Bath, a Full Basement that needs some minor repairs and paint. It has a good roof, 2+ car garage. This is a Single-Family Home, being sold as is. Located at 249 Jacob Street, Green Bay WI 54302. The average sales price for similar recently sold homes is $116,000.

Thanks For Your Consideration,

Paul/APS Real Estate Investments, LLC.


Exit Strategies

Hey Paul,

That wholesale deal you offered several months ago looked like a great opportunity and I hope you were able to have success by getting it sold.
You mentioned that you had another rehab property that you were not able to sell in the time frame you expected and therefore the need to unload your other property for $68,500.

As I started real estate investing I got caught up in a few problems with properties because I only had one strategy in mind. So over the years I’ve been able to have more success by having several exit strategies lined up for the properties I purchase.

One way that I’m able to unload my properties is through my list of cash investors. Because I have a list of qualified cash buyers that are looking for deals, I’m able to make money on my deals by implementing
one of the following methods;

1) I can sell the property prior to buying it and doing the rehab.

2) I can simply assign the property and make a profit. Otherwise I’ll end up holding onto the property and losing money while I’m looking for a buyer. Because I’m always filling up my “investor’s bucket” I have an opportunity to simply assign the contract to one of my investors and make an immediate profit.

3) With my list of investor I can also offer the property as a lease option.

This way I’m getting a large down payment and positive monthly cash flow and sell it down the road. As long as I have investors lined up I strongly increased my opportunities for making money on any property. Build your “investors list” and you’ll be great shape to make money on your investments.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Buyers List

Drew, you are so correct when you refer/imply that a list of "cash investors" is a MUST-HAVE in this business.
One thing that I want to let everybody know is that you somehow have to figure out which investors are on the “up and up” and which ones are in the same boat (just starting up) that many of us are!
We finally “pulled the trigger” at an action last week and got our first property under contract. When we started down our buyers list, to assign or even partner, we rudely discovered that nobody has the money available or we get the excuse that “there just isn’t enough profit in it” line.
Maybe it is our fault for not updating and re-qualifying our list often enough (apparently bi-weekly); but now we have to try to put everything in hock just so we can close on this property within the contract time and not loose our deposit.
Good luck to all and post any information you can! It may seem irrelevant to most but it might save someone.

Exit Strategy

I forgot to mention that I was not allowed to alter the contact after my bid won. Can you make contract demands before the bidding starts?

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