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Hey Drew, just wondering if you are from SLC? If you are, how long have you been investing in real estate? I used to live SLC, but made the moved to Louisiana for other business obligation. Just returned from SLC on monday and i sure miss it. I can't believe SL has grown so much over the years, especially in draper and south jordan area. It used to be farmers town out there and now there's homes everywhere. Anyway, hope to catch up with you and learn more from you since you are an official coach. Lloyd

REO Question

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Hi Drew! Im sorry to bother you but I have a question and if you cant answer I completely understand! Smiling
Im working on my first deal which happens to be an REO. Im scared to DEATH and dont want to mess this up. This prop didnt sell at auction and its beautiful to say the least and it will sell! My question is do you have any advise when it comes to convincing the bank to accept an offer? Or where can I look exactly to find the costs the bank is incurring? Im working on my leverage Smiling


Thanks for everything and anything you can provide!


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The bank will accept a lower offer if you have justification of that offer. Like a repairs breakdown, or something of that nature. Banks work with paper mostly so you have to back up whatever you're requesting with paper or proof. Make sense? Of course Drew may have more information for you too. That's just my experience working with them. Which is why I prefer not to... LOL!

God bless,
Elena Eye-wink


I really need some help!! I rent a home now that the owner has let go into preforeclosure. I am half way through Dean's book and have read on short sale. I would like this to be my first deal, so looking into offering the bank a short sale so I can stay in the home with my son. Have no clue how to go about this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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So glad to see you posting, But you have to get that pitcher changed' lol


Hey coach whats up

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Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.
God bless you always.
Keep up the good.