DG Fam. I'm looking for a Private Lender. One who is reasonable with points & percentages (the lessor the better!) Anyone out there willing to go interest-free? How about 1-5%? Let's negotiate! Somebody talk to me about it. Better yet, somebody work with me! Do you know anybody? Send me a PM. Thanks!





"Anyone out there willing to go interest-free? How about 1-5%?"
Would you loan money at those terms?

Well, Based On Your Response...

Sounds like I shouldn't! So, for the benefit of those like me & a host of newbies who don't know, I started this discussion in the hopes of a sizable amount of responses from those in the DG family who know, to educate us on it. Thanks, Thomas. Got more for me/us? Anybody else? I need a lender "now." Who else needs a lender?


Why not just go to a bank? Mortgage rates are at all time lows: 2.75% for a 15 year mortgage and 3.5% for a 30 year. Those are the rates you said you're looking for.

- Tom

Thanks Tom!

And Those Rates Are Available Even To Those With "Crapper-Credit?" Are You Saying The Banks Aren't Basing It On Credit Scores Anymore? I Think "Crapper-Credit" Is The Main Reason Why Investors Like Me Are Looking For Private Lenders. So, Are Those Rates Good For Private Lenders Too? Maybe That's What You're Getting At. Just Trying To Be Clear On It. Thanks! Anyone Else?

Just as a reference point:

They say that your best chance for private funds are probably found in your own phone contact list. Extra money, IRAs, set aside funds are your best bets fro people you know OR PEOPLE THAT THEY KNOW. You have to market yourself as the funds won't just drop into your lap. But you have to be prepared to show them what you can do. Do you have a track record? Can you instill confidence to them that you know what you're doing? Do you have the proper paperwork? DO you know how to meet the laws of your state? So while private funds sound good, they is a lot of real work that goes on behind the scene. Make sure you know what you're doing or you risk a lot more than you will gain.

Awesome Points Don!

Thanks for the input. I hope I can speak for all who know, we realize this is "real work" and we don't expect it to just drop into our laps. Hopefully, I'm asking all the right questions and making progress to get to it. Not looking for something that "sounds good." Yeah, we can show them what we can do once we're shown how to show them. We're out here building track records. We're looking for what's working for everyone that's out here getting it done. The how-to's. We wanna know about this "proper paperwork" you're speaking of & the state laws. Sounds like things my RE Attorney takes care of? Is that what you're saying too? Still welcoming all other comments! Thanks!...

Fine line

"Do you have the proper paperwork? DO you know how to meet the laws of your state?"

Yoda hit the nail on the head. In private lending, there is a fine line between a transaction being a note, or a security. If it's a security, you have to be a licensed securities dealer or meet certain exemptions. One of the exemptions under Rule 506 of Regulation D of the Securities and Exchange Commission prohibits general solicitation or advertising. In your original post... "DG Fam. I'm looking for a Private Lender." violated that exemption. Do you know the difference between an "accredited investor" and a "sophisticated investor" as used in Rule 506?

Take California for instance...Senate Bill 978 was recently enacted

(b) The note or interest shall not be sold, unless the purchaser meets one
or both of the qualifications of income or net worth set forth below and
signs a statement, which shall be retained by the broker for four years,
conforming to the following:
“Transaction Identifier:__________________________________________
Name of Purchaser:__________________________ Date:_____________
Check either one of the following, if true:
( ) My investment in the transaction does not exceed 10% of my net worth,
exclusive of home, furnishings, and automobiles.
( ) My investment in the transaction does not exceed 10% of my adjusted
gross income for federal income tax purposes for my last tax year or,
in the alternative, as estimated for the current year.

So if Geezer investor has all his net worth in a $250,000 IRA, he can only lend me $25,000. Many people talk about using private money, but a large percentage are doing so illegally. As one attorney told me, two types of people violate securities laws. Those who don't know, and those who don't care. There is a reason hard money lenders get 12-15% and 4-5 points. As Yoda said, they have the proper paper work and know the laws of their state. It's not that it's not doable, it's just that there are rules and regulations that you need to be aware of and follow, and conduct your business in a legal manner. Sure, Geezer investor can loan me $50,000, the deal goes well and everyone is happy. So who cares if you didn't follow the rules. But if Geezer investor loaned me money and passed away, and now the heirs want their money, that's when it's important to have followed the rules. Proceed at your own risk. Get educated.


Thanks very much, Thomas. These are the things people like me need to know! And thanks for informing me of my "violation!" I clearly didn't know. I'll never do that again! I'm the type that didn't know, but I DO CARE! I have no intentions of ever doing anything illegal to get what I desire. I have way too much integrity for that. So, it looks like I have more work ahead of me! No worries. I've never been afraid of a little hard work! We all could use more education so please, KEEP THE COMMENTS COMIN' IN, FAMILY!!! Thanks a million!

Private Lender

I to am looking for a private lender who will work with me and fund my deals. I would appreaciate it if any body has any information that would be helpful I would appreciate it.


I would like to get in touch with Matt Larson please? I need to be making my first deal before the end of this year and I am desperate! I need some help and I need it real soon. Dean could you please help me here? I want to take action.

Private Lender

Yes, I need a lender as well but looks like we have to be very careful about how we address our needs. It is difficult to find a bank or credit union to lend to an investor but still looking.



need a private lender or money something CALLED MONEY

Good day i have a few properties under my belt that i need funding for please contact me asap i also need funding for a business 909 380 6020


i am a beginner and want to be part of a really strong network of people i have done a few guru conferances but decided that dean is still the best . i now just have to get together with people that can help and assist. i can do it determind and broke but have the ability and the go to get this done

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