Can someone help me?

Can someone help me?

It seems foreclosureAlert does not have any data for my county. I can not figure this out. it lists pre-foreclosures and foreclosures as 0 and tells me there are no results when I execute the search on my selected county.

what am I doing wrong?

I select the state, I select the county from the drop down (it says 0 and 0 in the drop down) and then select the city and hit search, returns no results.

There are literally thousands of properties in the surrounding counties... why doesn't it have any for the one I want?




Great Question!

I thought it was just me, there are no results in my county either which does make any sense, I am in a hugh, heavily populated county - I must be doing something wrong too!


Congratulations on joining! If I may ask what city and state, county are you from? Much success........Lubertha




Thanks for the warm welcome Lubertha.

Apparently state and county is considered personal info so any time I try to get confirmation that no one can see this info the post disappears. Oh well. This really doesn't make sense to me due to the fact that the Local Networking and Discussion forum people post their city and state, but county and state is not allowed?

I have PM'd you the details to test if you get the same thing.

Thanks for the help!


This program pulls from the county records. You should check with your county and see if their records are online.


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