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God Bless you Shawn

And Thank you so much for giving me Hope again

Your welcome

You deserve it! Hope is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen.

You can do it!


I live in Chula Vista, California. I am looking for investors that would like to buy here. I have a contact that sells property in Mexico and I am looking for sellers of mobile home parks, senior housing, and self storage facilities. They can be anywhere in the U.S.. Contact me ASAP.

Hey There

im interested doing a shortsale. Im talking to this seller who is also doing his own negotiation with the bank. my question is, do i need to pay if i order another BPO, since they order it a couple of months ago. Do you suggest to get a title search on every property im gona make an offer. Thanks

Hey Shawn...

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What Good Shawn?... I'm glad you join my group. I'm looking to take this to whole other level. 2010 I'm trying to make it happen and want to see the people in my group to see prosperity with me. Give me a holla and give me some insight on what you working on or what are your plans with this. Just want to see where you are at with this mentally. Wish you the best Shawn... Nelson