getting started using FAS

getting started using FAS

I'm very new to the whole real estate investing world but I plan on hitting the ground running. I just signed up for FAS but I'm not sure who i should contact when i find a good lead on there. should i contact the property owner or the attorney listed?

Thanks in advance


I called the number listed!!

I called the number that was listed. It was for the lawyer's office. Sorry to say for me that they are working it out for the homebuyer.

foreclosurealert syaytem

has anyone got started with the fas system and been successful so fare..

Nope, every property listed

Nope, every property listed on there has already been foreclosed on. It seems that the site nor do public court houses provide homes that are in the pre-foreclosure status.(30-90 days late on payments) Thats why I purchased the program. I'm kinda disappointed because every time I look at the site the properties that are listed are either foreclosed on already or bank owned. The only thing this site is good for is tracking auctions on homes or getting more information on bank owned homes located near you.

So basicly this program does

So basicly this program does nothing but provide basic information, nothing useful for pre foreclosures. and have you thought about returning the program.

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