Virtual Wholesaling from Abroad

Virtual Wholesaling from Abroad

Hey everyone! My name is Marton Kovalovszki, 30, from Hungary, in the middle of Europe.

I'm just setting up my virtual business in the USA. I know some of you have done this before myself and I would really appreciate any advice from those who made it or tried it.

Two general and pretty important questions I've got in my mind to start the conversation going:

1, Which city/state would you start with?
2, What's the single thing you would do otherwise if starting right now?

Also feel free to network with me, I'll soon attach my links too.


Hi Marton you can do deals pretty much any where.We are happy to have you be part of our family.You need a buyers list and you need properties, buyers list first, much success, Jim




it would be best if you read deans yellow book up in the corner on the main page its free free just download it. its a complete blueprint or recipe. its how all these folks on here have been successful. it tells you how to find a realtor, a lawyer, etc... if funds allow you might think about joining "Insider Elite" it cost per month but is a great resource for so much information.

So welcome, ask all your ?'s and join us in our journey to financial freedom...

I also highly recommend you fill out your bio. look at some others and get some ideas. helps us to know you.



Walt is correct, read the books and you will have a much better understanding. Keep asking question on this site everyone wants to help.

You can do this


Hey everyone, thanks for the

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words and advices!

I already went through the 30 days book and the Wholesaling 101 training, I'm currently in the No Money Flip Mastery Class. Matt suggested at the end of the last two trainings that it would be wise to take some steps and start the process with making some offers and start contacting buyers.

As I'm not in the US, the starting point is not that evident for me Smiling So I had some preparation to do. I got a very kind and useful e-mail from Jeremy at the training support according to how to look for cities to start. I already did some research for the best markets to go to.

I'll probably start in Orlando, FL. I found the following numbers which could maximize my chances to be successful:

Population is growing, 7,3% from 2010-2014
Jobs growth rate last year: 3,7%
Unemployment rate is below the national avarage and shrinking, currently 5%
Property taxes are relatively low, at 0,97% on avarage
Houses are still a bit underpriced (avarage) compared to the avarage incomes
Price to rent ratio is ok, even with the retail avarage prices, so Plan B for flippers can always be a fair choice.
Last but not least: In an unexpected case I have to travel there personally, flight time from Europe is much shorter than it would be to a west-coast location Smiling

Obviously other investors and wholesalers are probably attracted to this market after looking at these numbers. Competition will be stronger probably and the market will be faster. It will be easier to find those quality buyers, tho.

I plan to keep this thread as up to date as possible.

Any comments and ideas are more than welcome.


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Marton, Yes its a fast market in Florida, hey and Walt is right about Joining I.E. (investor elite). This is the starter Website, investor elite is the next School. The red I.E. on their profile tells who's in it. Keep posting your progress and we will keep helping. Dan in Seattle..


Dan in Seattle..

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