Day 1

Day 1

So today I took the day off to begin 30 Days to Real Estate cash. I took the day off to see what it would be like to work from home if this actually worked… and So far i have completed in 1 day what the book reccommends to do in 5. I have contacted a very willing RE Agent who is sending me listings from MLS as we speak. Im very excited to see where this goes and I look forward to any advice you guys can give me in this very early stage. Especially info about contacting potential buyers/investors for the listings she is sending me.

Thank you so much… talk soon




Hey Bud, Welcome to Real Estate.
I also first started trying to get Realtors to find me killer deals, it was extremely frustrating, most everything on the MLS is over priced, if its a decent deal there will be multiple offers. And dealing with 30 page contracts and earnest deposits and Proof of funds letters, and most Realtors don't want to make multiple low ball offers.
They only know how to complicate things.
I found my niche working with FSBO's For sale by owners. Specifically rundown
vacant junk houses. Some of these sellers need to sell quickly and are reasonable on the prices. I find them by recruiting bird dogs and direct mail.
I fast flip these to the local Realtors that fast flip them to the rehabbers.
I have done a profitable deal thru a Realtor, so I havn't given up on them.
But I think you will have a much easier time working directly with sellers that are not advertising their houses, I especially like houses that have been trashed by renters and the sellers have given up repairing and putting money into them.
Good luck.



Matt Larson's email

Get ahold of one of those real estate books (You can even google the area for every realtor that's licensed in the area you have buyers for or want to invest yourself in) and get every email out of there and find matts email on here an email every single one of them with it... that will find you a realtor that will work with you...

Keep it up an eventually you will get there... for it wont be no overnight success... it maybe months down the road before you do for its been years with me and all the set backs I had... don't give up hope...



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