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Randy Phillips
Central California
About Me: 

I was working as a Finish Carpenter for 30 yrs and making a good living building big custom homes here in California. I married the girl of my dreams at 49 yrs old.Of course as we all know about 3-4 yrs ago construction crashed almost overnight. Unemployment funds lasted a few yrs. I decided to get involved with buying and selling notes. It took money to do direct mailings to contact note holders. I did make money though, sold a note and made $6,000 but it was a lot of work and time, I had spent over $1,000 on the lists of names and stamps etc, it was profitable. But then I seen Dean Graziosi on TV late one night and ordered his books and a few other guru's material. I've just completed 2 deals. It was a lot less work than doing the notes. I Got a pocket full of cash. I ordered business cards, yard signs, door hangers, web site, business phone line, new shoes and sun glasses and Im ready to get serious.
UPDATE Been at this for 3 or 4 years now, I had a slow start cuz I wud do a few deals and head to the islands and come back broke and have to start from ground zero. I made a commitment this year 2015 to do more deals. I'm excited to say I've done a bunch of deals and have made over $80,000 so far this year with 4 more months to go and I expect to clear well over the 100K goal I set for myself.
It's been a wild & emotional ride. I really luv this business and am learning all I can on salesmanship and motivation and mind set. I enjoy helping others get started also.
Let's make some MONEY

I luv watching MMA Fighting, learning about Science, Playing violent xbox games, My family and doing RE Investing

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Hi Randy

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congratulations on starting your rei journey! the shoes and sunglasses will definitely come in handy if you intend to go out there and find some deals! Eye-wink

You will find great resources and useful information on this site!

wishing you great success,

buyers list

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Hi Randy, I have a question-what did you say or place on craigslist that got you so many buyers? i'm originally from new york, transitioning to south jersey.Really need a lot of help. so having the info i asked about would be such a great start.Would you help me? Thanks in advance...Richard

Thanks and Way to go!

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I get myself paralyzed way to frequently. Thanks again for blogging your day to day ventures. It's a kick in the butt for me as well as gives me hope. Thanks a bunch!

CL question

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Hi Rando congrats on your CL success!!! I have been running ads from home and I do get some responses from buyers but have a hard time following up/closing the deal with them. What do you say when they respond back to your add to find out what they can qualify for etc... Is there a form that you get them to fill out, do you refer them to a lender? Do you make an appt to meet witht them in person? Any information or tips you give can help out! Thanks


Hey Ranndy,, i am here in

Hey Ranndy,,

i am here in the bay area. do you have any contacts here..i am also just starting up. lets talk on the phone when we can.

howz the central region doin?
are you near fresno area or somehwere close?

underwater homes

i was looking for more info on you r program

Bird dogger here...

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Hey Randy my name is tony and I'm in the DC metro Area , I see your on the west coast , but I read that you were into possible deals in all area's and I jus wanted to make my services avalible to you ... I thank you in advance , hope to hear from you soon ..

Hi Randy

Congrats! I am ready to get started and very optimistic. I am in the DC/MD/VA area however I am from New Jersey and may have a deal in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

I can't wait to read more about your story. Are you looking to invest anywhere? If so, please contact me for details.

Much success!!!

Bird dogs

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I advertise for bird dogs on Craigs List. I get a lot of response cuz I'm willing to pay $1,000 for any deal they bring me. I have very few BD's out finding deals for me, most just fall by the wayside, gone with the wind. For u DG guys, u find us some deals and I'll walk u thru them and split the profits. I have a list of about 10 questions to ask the seller and I'll know quickly if I can do that deal. I have an info sheet that tells u exactly how to find the pre foreclosures Im looking for. These deals are everywhere. It just takes some effort and time to find them. Rando

Foreclosures Everywhere!

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Hi Randy and congratulations,

I live in NW Illinois and there are hundreds of people just in my own community that are facing foreclosure!

I would really like to dig deep into this a lil more.

Best Regards

short sales

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I have an offer in on a short sale in Oklahoma City. B of A says it will be 3 to 16 weeks before they accept. I offered their asking price, which is about half of what the owner paid for it 4 years ago. I can give you another lead or 2. Want to do a birddog contract?

anything is fine

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Hello how are you, we just starting DG Real Estate we need to know how to find Sellers, where to look how to ask and so much questions.it's not going to be easy, we need help. try to called help line it's too busy for us, left message no yet return call yet, I guess when all busy with all other people questions. we want answer and want it fast. would you give me a hand please


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( LingDustin):
Sounds like you're looking for mentorship. Have you tried the REI /clubs and groups section?? There's one called find a mentor be a mentor, plus I would suggest you follow and reach one or some of the superstars here.

I heard about the "yellow letters"...

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Good success! Awesome to hear that. I've heard about the yellow letters before. Can you direct me to more info? Process? Etc.?

Thanks and continue going forward.
Ter Scott www.terscott.com

Your Thread Was Deleted?

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I just came back to make a comment on a thread you made just the other day (that was also on DG front page), and apparently it was deleted. Did you do this? Or did DG.com?

It was the thread with title, something of the sort:

"He Is Now Believing?" Ugh, I cannot remember the exact title...

fresno boy

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Hey let's do some deals together rando


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Hello Randy,
Hope everything is going well. I sent you a PM offering my assistance to expand your REI Business. Just wondering if you received it. Please let me know and take care.


Christian B. O'laarte
REI Property Scout
B.S., Business - CLU -2005


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Hello Randy,
I did get your e-mail you sent me regarding fixers and newer/nicer homes that owners can no longer afford. However, the e-mail got accidentally deleted. Would you please re-sent that e-mail? I do apologize for the inconvenience. I look forward to working with you. God bless you!


Christian B. O'laarte
REI Property/Note Scout
B.S., Business - CLU - 2005

Hey Rando

Are you going to lay around here all day lets get going and MAKE MONEY


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Hey i just read your post about the property that just feel into your lap. Can you explain to me how an assignment works and when in the process you get paid. Thanks alot.


awebb4's picture

Hey i just read your post about the property that just feel into your lap. Can you explain to me how an assignment works and when in the process you get paid. Thanks alot.


awebb4's picture

Hey i just read your post about the property that just feel into your lap. Can you explain to me how an assignment works and when in the process you get paid. Thanks alot.

earl n

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TY for the youtube comment , cheap is good but free is better Smiling


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Hey Randy, just read bio, we are originally from Fresno Chris and Cher CandC


that was a great thing you did buying that guy a scooter for bird dogging for you.

anyone who hasnt read go here >> http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/159593...


local lead for you for a fee

Randy, I live in Fresno and I have a motivated seller for you. I've been reading your posts so I know you pay birddog fees. My name is Suzanne and I'm not sure how this is done, but I am going to give you my #790-2440. Call me and I will give you the seller's name and address. Its a 2/1 on 1/4 acre near Chandler airport. Thank you.

Trying to reach you Rando

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... This is Fred (Runltd3@****);
I tried to get a note to you last night but I was interrupted by my "significant other" in the Philippines and I am not sure if the note got finished and sent or not. Here is a recap of what I was able to get out to you:
Hi Randy;
I am so glad to hear from from someone who is so like minded and a similar background. I also like that we are close in age. But we are sooooo far apart (you in California and me in Florida).

I am in a desperate way rite now. I just got my last paycheck from Walmart and it is not near enough to pay the rent. That 30 days I thought I had may not be there. But I still want to give this challenge, that Dean puts out, a real full effort. You see while I lived in the Philippines I had similar if not worse circumstances and I am still here and kicking... I lived over there over 10 years (from 1992-2002). I survived by Teaching English to foreign students and Korean missionaries. I was not wealthy but I was the richest guy on the block and lived comfortably. I lived better over there on what I earned. I have been unable to do that since I came back to the U.S.. I came close to it when I got my Real estate agents License (for Florida)back in 2007. But I have since let that License expire when I went to work for Walmart. All this time I have maintained contact with my lady in the Philippines and she is worried too. We have a teenager in school and all she has to support them with is a sari sari store in San Jose, Bulacan. (the Boy stays in Masbate with Grandmother where he goes to school). I have not been back to the Philippines since 2002 because I am paying off Child support from my first marriage. With interest that comes to about $50,000 before I get my passport back. It has been over ten years since I have been there and boy do I miss it. So you can see how desperate I am to succeed in this endeavor.
I can see that IT HAS WORKED.. and if it works for so many others why can't work for me too. I first encountered Dean on TV also in a late night program. But... I did not purchase the first books I got from him. My mother found them by a dumpster along with some tapes. I first read and devoured "How to become a Real estate Millionaire" but this was in 2008. I had given up on becoming an Agent then, due to my lack of sales for the previous three months. I struggled along for years at Walmart. I followed Dean with his site and his books through those years and even gave it a try from time to time. I was able to pick up an occasional Bird-Dog fee last year. But I had my job to back me up.
Randy I love Real Estate and I think, for me, It is the only way I should go. I am tired of a 9-5, 40 hour a week (Now 32 hour) JOB. I need what Dean has to offer and I believe it can be what saves me and will get me back to the family I love in the Philippines. I want to get good at it and teach others what Dean has to offer. I need a place to start again and it Might as well be here and now. I hope it can be with you.
I have my Whys down to 7 levels and I have broken Deans "30 Days" down to a day by day, step by step process. I do not have my own phone right now. But, I have my Bike and my Mom's ancient landline is just across the street. Oh.... I do have a free "Government Cell" with 250 minutes a month. you mentioned using Craig's List ( and I know about "Back Page"). Are they good places to start? I know my first priority is to fill my "Buyers Bucket" and a good way to do that is with Ghost Ads on Craig's List and with Bandit signs. The Bandit signs may be hard right now due to my low cash flow situation. As I bike around the local nieghborhoods I can see many "For Rent " signs and I do see some deserted homes that may or may not belong to-out-of-state Snow Birds. I live close to the beach and many of these home fetch in a higher than average price range. But .. I need Buyers First. I know many realtors here but many of them do not like dealing with investors. I have not joined any REI clubs in the area and I may not be able to easily make it to their meetings. But ... I think I may be getting ahead of myself here.
I could use your guidance in helping me focus and maybe advising me in what really worked for you. I would not mind doing some "Bird-dogging" for you Randy. That is if you would be interested in investing in the Space Coast area.
Let me know how you feel about this whole set up and if you would really be interested in mentoring me I would consider it a great blessing. Who knows with my success maybe we can get together on your next trip to the Philippines.

Thanks for your reply ;
Fred (321-754-9777)

Do you deal with high-end

Do you deal with high-end properties that are "off-market" in the Bay Area/wine country? Custom home on acreage, needs upgrading (still '70's interior). Vacant. Owner needs to sell, lives in S.Cal. Realtor did not market property well.

Fred, I Have A Gift For You! Let's Connect!!

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Hey Fred,

Hope all is well and the world is treating you accordingly. I'd like to connect and network with you. In any case I have an awesome resource for you in regards to your buyers list dilemma. Let's connect, network and chat shall we? Take care and may God bless and keep you and yours!

Prosperous Investing!



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Hi Rando, So glad I found your post.
I am in Maryland, Baltimore County. Maybe you know this. But foreclosures started late in my area and I have been wandering how to tap the market. With your assistance we can do it! Let me know? John. johnjfisher27@****

Bird dog.

I'm just now getting started in this and need to start turning some cash till I can get it going on and learn the things I need to know.I would like to bird dog for you.What do I need to know to bird dog?I live in Fair Oaks,Ca.east side of Sacramento.I just started on the 30 days to cash book.I've joined Zillow and a couple other R.E. sights.Let me know if you still need a bird dog. d.brass59@****.

Hi Randy, I just wanted to

Hi Randy,
I just wanted to say that your posts really inspire me that I can do this Real Estate thing. I'm in my mid 50's and I know that it's never too late to get into the Real Estate game. I love MMA as well.

Continued success to you Ken