Upgrade your People Skills

Upgrade your People Skills

I think of direct mail as gambling. You never know if you will make a profit or go down in flames.
But getting an education in people skills which include negotiations, and listening can make a huge difference.
But I don't stop there, I am also a student of
learning other skills like body language. I can tell you a lot about you just by watching you walk. The posture, the speed of your gait, the expression on your face. Then the tone of your voice, eye contact, firm hand shake. etc.
We all have the ability to make almost instant evaluations when meeting people.
It is seriously advantageous to walk in with confidence and some skills. Time to upgrade your game humans.



I Agree

I Agree

i read a body on body language and it was revealing....

i could pick up when a person crosses their arms they are just not open to what is being said or the idea...

any tips you have picked up?



Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Our Heart's Desire must be nurtured by our mind,to give birth to common sense, that will enable us to seek out the path less traveled, with the greatest Personal Growth. -J.R.-

Please share

Sorry haven't had a chance to post for a couple months due to life stuff...
but please share for that might help us out not only to read others but for us to help for those others to read us better than we sometimes portray ourselves?... I hope I'm typing that right sometimes my mind and fingers don't connect... lol



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Direct mail and People skills

Hi everyone.

I do agree with people skills....100%, however, I don't go to properties prior to getting a contract on them. If i do, I'm just wasting my time. Think of this: using the 25:1 strategy, i have to go to 15 props before i get 1 yes. WOW!! Thats a lot of time, additional gas as well as effort that i'm not ever getting back. As compared to getting the phone calls (inbound calls). I can now weed everyone out!

This is the difference between an investor who is In Process V/S Results Oriented.

I also do direct mail campaigns. I LOVE them. You are able to reach a broad amount of people with getting quite a few responses. The sellers can tell if you are a genuine person. You can also learn some techniques in communication while on the phone with them.

The biggest thing...in my opinion.... is to be GENUINE!

Better things come to those who do.
I would have you consider being efficient with your time! That is the thing that none of us can get back!

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