Shannon T's journey to fulfillment

Shannon T's journey to fulfillment

I purchased RBBP last Sat., August 6th. I was just going to buy Dean's book but more I watched dean's live broadcast the more I wanted the whole thing. I felt like if I don't do it, I'm going to wonder what if. I don't want to live my life with a regret. Plus, this feels real. I have purchased other programs before but never made anything out of them. This time I am going to change. This is time for change!

I took first lesson on Quick Cash. It was real good. Got golden nuggets. I'm doing assignments now and going to finish first 5 day assignments by tomorrow.


Carol's Journey to Success

I also purchased the program on Saturday and am doing the assignments. I am also doing Quick Cash while I wait for package to arrive. Tomorrow I will find a Real Estate Agent.

Looking forward to great success.

Good Luck

Ready to roll

Me too. Got the program on Saturday. Finding the website a little intimidating and am grateful to others for posting!



Wish you the best, Carol.

Wish you the best, Carol. Let's make it happen!!!

Jackson, There are a lot of

There are a lot of content for sure on the web-site. But I like the fact that it is plainly laid out what actions we need to take step by step. I know there are a lot I need to learn but I'm going to keep it simple and follow the direction one at a time.

I know I can do it! and I know you can do it! Let's roll!

8/9/11 Where is the right RE agent for me?

Today I connected with three RE agents. I wasn't too nervous... I used the script as it was given on the quick start video. The calls went pretty well. But none of them gave me any specific area. They all said that all over the Phoenix valley is selling really quick... and there are a lot of competition. And it is a seller's market unlike all the other place in the nation. They just kind of confirmed what I already knew.

I'm wondering now, how I would know which agent is the right one to work with? &
How would I decide which area to focus on? Will they apparent as things rolling???

8/11/11 Feeling uncertain... Still looking for REA

Finding REA is not as easy as I thought. I have called additional 5 REA's this morning... looking for the perfect one! I send them all the follow-up e-mail. Will see who comes through.

I'm feeling uncertain right now...

If I can do it right here in greater Phoenix, AZ??? Or if I need to venture out to outside of AZ where properties are not moving as fast and has a lot more inventory... where there is not as much competition. All the agent I spoken to said that the properties has multiple offers and flying off the market here.

I wish I can talk to an somebody who know what they are doing what I should do...

8/18/11 Slow but surely making progress!!!

I'm on the second step of the Quick cash. Some days I don't feel like I'm making that much progress... But trying to stay positive. So, here is what I've done so far...

Contacted 9 REA's and although I'm not sure if I have found the one, I have a couple of them I can work with for now - Check

watched videos under total view - check

Ordered business card - check

Checking blogs on DG - check

Set up google voice - check

Listen to Monday and Wednesday montor live calls - Check

Got last 90 days Cash sales list and in progress of looking up buyer names on tax assessors web-site - check (this is taking a while. But I know it will be worth it!)

My next task is to post a ghost ad on craig's list. This scares me a little and been putting it off. But it will be done before this day is over. I promise!

Oh! I also need to go to REI clubs... this will be done once I get my biz card.

The course

How much was the course? I want to get started to. I am Soldier in IRAQ right now.



I purchased the Rock Bottom Blue Print. It was for $2,000. There are a lot of contents. And I am very happy with my purchase.

The RBBP offer was for a limited time. So I don't know if it is still avail. But I bet Dean has a lot of other offers you can choose from based on your circumstance and fund availability.

You can even start by reading his book for like $20 since you are away...

Hope this helped.

Be safe!

The Academy


Thank you for that peace of information. That wasn't a lot at all. I have seen some for up to $5000. Are you part of the Dean's Academy with the coaching? How much was that one. Leaving here i will have the Funds. Oh, I have the new book already. It's real good.

Thank you again

Dean's program

Glad you already got the book and liking it. I am not part of Dean's Success Academy and am not sure how much that program is. I looked up the site to see if the price is listed but it is not. But here is the web-site. If you submit your information they will send you more info. about it.

Good luck!


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