Looking for a New Orleans area Mentor

Looking for a New Orleans area Mentor

Hello everyone, my name is Chad Carrone, I was born and raised here in the New Orleans area. I have been a combat medic in the Army for 6 1/2 years and I am currently making my transition into the Inactive Ready Reserve.
I was raised to believe the old montra of go to school, get a job, retire. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I started to realize that being an employee for someone else just isn't my idea of living. I have read many books by Robert Kiosaki and Donald Trump knowing that I wanted to get into real estate, and they did help a lot with mind frame, but what they lacked was details on how to get started.
How to get started was an answer I found in Dean's books which I have just recently purchased. I'm very excited about starting my career as an investor and look forward to all the thrills I'm sure are out there waiting for me.
I am starting this thread like many others have done looking for a mentor, not a baby sitter, but a like minded individual who could help steer me in the right direction and offer enlightenment when I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm a very motivated person but sometimes I can go full blast in one direction and zooom right past my turn, lol. Other times I can get a little too over confident and bite off more than I can chew. I coming into this field of expertise with virtually no experience , as a humble boy looking to learn from someone who has been there and can give me good advice that I can use to be successful myself. Maybe the mentor-ship will evolve into a lasting friendship or even a partnership.
If anyone in the New Orleans area thinks they can help me out let me know send me a PM and we can connect in person. Thanks to everyone, and good luck to everyone in all of their future ventures.


I can mentor/partner with you


I am a real estate investor who is interested in New Orleans area properties. I'm also a Defense Contractor.

We probably have some things in common. Let's touch base and make some stuff happen. We can help each other.

I'm a little tired right now - its almost 1.00am so I'll look forward to speaking further.

Have a good day.


Hi Chad


Hope your having a good day. Properties in New Orleans area are a little more work than I anticipated.

I still haven't narrowed my focus with pin-point accuracy. I mean there seems to be some pretty good deals, but, not really anything that have gotten my juices flowing. I havn't seen anything I would pounce on.

However, when your looking and working on specific, we'll find the right stuff. A little patience is needed.

Lets keep at it.


Hey I'm following your lead,

Hey I'm following your lead, just let me know if there is anything you need me to do. If there is anything at all I can do to help us out I will do it. As long as I'm not at work, I can do whatever needs doing. If I can get myself to $3,000/month I can quit my job and go 24/7 on deal hunting, don't be shy about giving me a workload I work best when I have a mission to accomplish.

Other than that I'm pretty sure you are as motivated as me so I'm just waiting for your orders lol. keep in touch. -Chad

new in investing

hi i am in the new orleans area and i am just getting ready to start investing. i would love if you would be willing to mentor me.

Another one in New Orleans

Hi- I am in New Orleans as well and was just looking to catch up with some one, any one here and see how they are doing maybe get some feedback and chat over what was going on in the city.


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