Maine, Maine, Maine NETWORK

Maine, Maine, Maine NETWORK

i'm a new investor in maine and all i want to be is a successful real estate investor, financially i don't have many options, so helping someone sell their home and creating equity from it is the only way i have to starting as an investor, i don't know about other states but i'm getting alot of comical comments from this approach, and it seems people are bothered by signing contracts to allow someone who isn't the buyer,to sell their home, i've been going at this non stop, but it seems i'm going to need some help from other investors in the same fields
i would love to work with some one with more ethics and experience, and i can help with any kinds of projects for any investor who may not have as much time or drive, but have the money and just needs support. i'm very motivated and passionate about becoming successful.....aside from me,,, i have no clue if many people have ordered the books.. people in maine i mean if so, i would love to network for as simple as advice and tips......thankyou...for reading....join


Akena Eli'Son

Akena, Where in Maine are


Where in Maine are you located???

I own a bunch of homes in the 207 and a few i'm looking to unload.

I'll give you a chance to work your magic. I'll even sell them to you with no broker so you can save money.

If you're a UMaine alum i'll even add onto the savings for you


I am new to DG REI. I have a home in Washington, Knox, County, ME. I'll be returning to Maine in June 2010. I'd like to get together. I'm learning now.
Maybe we can get together & between us we can contact others who are in Maine or have interest in Maine. I have tried to contact "Sully" about his interest in the NE area. I am awaiting his reply. It may already be in queue. I found one today; my inexpierence caused my delay. If you would like contact me via PM, phone: 207-691-2313 (Cell) or Email:, please do.
I do not know yet how to post this in the "appropriate" area on this web site.
I can only hope someone will assist in this area also. Hoping to see in Maine.


Glad to hear from you.


Akena Eli'Son


so much networking going on I like that. I am new, it's good to see people actually help each other out and making system works. that's so awesome ^_^ and good luck to all of us.


Be happy and go healthy ^_^

Ling and/or Dustin

Keep Networking...

I posted this on another thread, but it seemed like it belonged here too:

Starting off is not easy, but it can be done. But, you've got to want it badly enough to push through the pain.

Here are my suggestions. I like to call it "The Tight on Money Plan".

Step 1:
Call EVERY For Rent number that you can come across (i.e. newspaper ads, signs in yards, etc). You're wanting to find out: 1) is this property also for sale?, 2) if not this one, do they have another one that they want to sell, and 3) are they interested in purchasing any additional properties because you come across deals all the time. (MAKE SURE to keep accurate and organized notes of your calls)

Step 2:
Drive your neighborhoods looking for vacant properties. You are looking for the worst properties in nice areas.

Your goals in these two steps is to locate motivated sellers of properties that may not be widely known about, and also to find a few buyers that might be interested in your properties.

Step 3:
Follow the steps in Dean's books that tell you how to get a Real Estate Agent on your team. They can provide you with lists of cash sales that have occurred in various areas, and they can let you know of areas that they believe are "hot" areas that investors have been doing a lot of buying (this will help you focus your efforts)

Step 4:
Final step is to locate a Title Company or a Closing Attorney that can do double closings (Some states use Title Companies, some use Closing Attorneys).

Extra Steps:

If money and time permit, add the following:

1) Attend your local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association). This is a great resource to network with other investors in your area.

2) Get business cards. Usually best to go through Vistaprints. Spend whatever you can to at least upgrade so that you don't have the Vistaprints logo on the card. They don't have to be top of the line business cards, just not bottom of the line either (can turn some people off unfortunately)

3) Buy bandit signs. Usually best to go through Dean describes the best size and color signs to use in his books. Bandit signs will help you find sellers for properties that aren't widely advertised.

TIP: For anything that you may have to order online, do a Google search beforehand to see if their might be any old coupon codes still available for your order.

These steps are by no means all there is to know about real estate investing, but it should get you rolling in the right direction. Also, searching this site on a regular basis and asking questions will help you a great deal. I've met a lot of helpful people on this site, that is why I do my best to give back.

Good Luck, Stay Determined, and Hope this info is helpful,


Stephan Roberts
"In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia!"

Here is a FREE property analyzer I've found:

It's a great tool to use to help analyze your deals (and did I mention it's FREE)! But, you really should spend the $97 and get the full premium edition! IT'S AWESOME!!


I wish you guys were here earlier; I had 5 homes in Maine I just got rid of and would have practically given them away.

They were money pits, though in the beginning they were ok, but issues and tenants led them to bleed me out of money every month.

Great place to invest is in Orono and Old Town, where all my properties were; the houses are mostly old, but you'll always have tenants and generally they tend to stay for 2 years if everything is right.

In Orono, home of my University of Maine, look over by Margarita's and Pat's Pizza down the hill. Bunch of houses 'For Rent' and 'For Sale'

In Old Town, look in the Pine St/7th Ave area off of Main St which leads to the downtown Old Town area.

Good luck to all.

So much information GREAT

organized notes is not so easy for us, since just starting this business with DG family Real Estate Investment,

saroberts69 you are awesome a lot step by step breaking down to the detail, and yet networking defined the key.


Be happy and go healthy ^_^

Ling and/or Dustin

Property in Maine for Sale Vol 2

In the subject header put



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