Westchester NY

Westchester NY

Hi Everyone,

Looking to get into the real estate game with you all. I would love to meet up with some people and disucss techniques in are area and trade contacts . I am thinking May 15th in white plains . Anyone intrested?


Westchester NY

Hi Mike,
I live in the Westchester area and i am also a investor my name is Harry and would love to get together on the 15th of May, you can reach me via email jrtip@optonline.net

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Hi Harry , That's great!

I figure we can meet at a dinner or park depending how many people we get and if everyone wants to pay to go somewhere or not

Hi Harry , someone else pmed

Hi Harry , someone else pmed me we are up to 3.

Westchester Group

Hi --

I'm in Westchester too. How did the meeting go? Are you planning another?


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Hi DG Family,
We need to make plans to come up with another date so all three of use could meet, if this interest anyone of you please PM or contact me via email.

Best Regards,
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Harry E Moss Jr

Hey Guys

PM me lets get this going. Sorry for the drop off I had to take a summer course. I am up and ready to roll.

Used to be in Westchester

Used to be in Westchester myself actually. Good area with lots of oppertunity for the person with the right eyes...
One site that comes to mind for that area is myhousedeals.com it's mostly free and they even have a listing section if you have a property on contract and want to assign or double close on it.

Which by the way if you cant do an assignment deal, then you'll do a double closing instead and make even more profit.


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Hi All, I am a Newbie to the

Hi All,

I am a Newbie to the DG website and the real estate game. I first want to say its truly inspiring to be surrounded by all you "go getters."

I have a question that I hope someone in Westchester NY can answer. Does Dean's marketing strategies work in our area? I've read so many stories about how it could work anywhere, but most of the deals I read about were for substantially lower prices than they are in this area of NY.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated, and anyone looking to work together also let me know!


Does it work

Hi Arenzo, I live in the Westchester area and it seem that i have'nt found that deal or price range that most investor are looking for so i just try and stay with homes that are under the 300 range unless you have capital for tax lien or foreclose which i dont have so on that side i've could of missed some good deals.But build a buyer list and work it from their and join or visit some REI club an find out what some of those investor are looking for.

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