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Coming from a working backround, back in 2003 or so I started looking at getting into Real Estate more. This is to increase my assets be able to do more in life in general and not worry about finances. However I found that I wanted to do something else other then conventional real estate since that market can be VERY competitive and such.
I started with a note network program that had good info but in the end turned out to be a lot harder then it looked. I still value what I learned but for now Dean seems to be the way to go. After looking though endless real estate programs Dean seemed to be the only "real" one out there that actually DOES what he speaks about on TV or in his video blogs. That's very rare when you do this kind of real estate investing, and this network of people that Dean has built up is a gold mine of knowledge and a key to unlocking these many great deals available.

I look forward to using this and the wealth I build to help others and set a great example on how to change out of the norm and do what you really want to do in life and the process it takes to get there.
As a final note I would like to mention I am a Christian and focus on God with faith in Jesus goes first in all I do.

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Hi Chirs

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My name is Alex, Im in Houston, Tx and started with Dean not to long ago... I notice that you are a member for more than a year now so I'd like to know if you don't mind we comunicate from time to time. I have a lot of questions on how to star doing this....even though my brother and I already jumped into buying a home....we are planing on renting it but I dont want that to be my only deal so if you can help me out giving me some pinter that you think helped you out in he past I would really apreciate it!!!
Take care....

Help...very new

Hi there,
I see that you have been a member for a while. well I just signed up today...I saw the TV program on Dean's Real Estate opportunity...I've invested in the past in too many "get Rich" Opportunities, I even bought the program from Russ D, Real Estate, which was quite expensive-(I've actually thrown it all away)...I haven't bought Dean's books and CD yet, I'm planning on ordering them this Friday, payday. I do work as a visiting nurse here in New York.. by all means I'm not afraid to work... I have a 18-year-old son, single mom, and if there's one thing I can say is that I will not let my son go without.. you might say I'm spoiling him... but he's the best thing that ever happened to me. $19.95 is not expensive at all for a program that could lead you to a road of freedom, but then I keep seeing, every now and then when I try to just navigate around the site, Kits for this and Kits for that,,,, is this going to be one of those programs where, 2-3- $400's later, still not having made a penny.. I'm not expecting things to just fall in my lap and get Rich quick.. like I said, I'm not afraid to work. It's just that in nursing, some of my days can be 10 hours a day of work, let alone documentation after. I think that in Dean's TV program where he was selling his books and CD.... a couple hours a week is all it takes.. is that true... if this program really works, I'm willing to work 20-30 hours a week. I'm really willing to get started tomorrow, but I won't be able to send for the books until Friday, and then how many days from then will it take before I get the books....


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I saw one of your comments on a forum about being the middle man for notes. If you don't mind mind could you answer a few questions for about notes?