i want friends of like mind

i want friends of like mind

i am new to this, and need to find some d.g. family members in so. cal, san bernardino to be exact, please write me


Willing to share my knowledge

I'm not in the California area, but I am willing to share my knowledge and help you in any way that I can.

thank you

thank you. thank you, where are you, i would love to talk to you and pick your brain, how can i get a hold of you ?

I am not in Cali, but I have

I am not in Cali, but I have at least one buyer who is looking in San Bernardino... PM me and we can talk.




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i am new and do not know what is PM please explain this to me, i am would love to talk to you about this

Hi Katherine

I read your note about you trying to contact me, just put (John A) without the period at the end of "A" than you should be able to reach me.....talk to you soon!

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John A


hey all! is anyone from around springfield, Massachusetts? I am living in Chicopee, MA a town right outside of springfield and am looking for a partner investor who I can meet up with and get to kno and work with. Anybody can PM me back if your interested. My name is Amber by the way! I am a very hardworking girl and have read all of Dean's books and am all ready to put some deals together with the right partner investor!

hello dg students.

My name is Jeff & I'm new to this also.I live in the Omaha metro area. I was wondering if there is any investors in this part of town who would like to get together & talk about strategies & maybe work at investing as partners or just to help out.

Pm me if your interested.

New Orleans Newbie!!!


I am another newbie looking for like minded people to share in learning, support, help, mentorship, and accountability in this new journey. Join the fun! Contact me if you are local to New Orleans or looking to do some work here.

hey jeffniowa

Hey there, I'm in Des Moines and looking for more deals. Are you wholesaling by chance? I'm currently looking for some great deals outside of Des Moines but relatively close. Pm me

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