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Was a TRADITIONAL Real Estate investor since 2006. I came across Dean's techniques in 2009 and now my eyes are open to so many differnet styles of investing. As of April 4, 2014 I FIRED MY BOSS AND BECAME A FULL TIME REAL ESTATE INVESTOR! The sky is now the limit Eye-wink I am currently looking to partner on deals in other states (specifically California, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, may consider others).

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Assigning a property

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I was wanting to know if I could work on an assignment in which the house is already listed on the market by a realtor? I was able to get the seller's information and would like to cut out the middle man (the realtor) and match the seller to a buyer that I already have waiting. Please let me know if this is possible or any other comments...

Hard Money Lenders

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I am in need of a hard money lender quickly. I have come across a deal that I can't let pass me by, but need financing assistance. It's a single home residence that is bank-owned. I know I can turn around and sell it for 3.5 times the asking price. I am looking for something that is short term or no pre-payment penalty. I am willing to pay a higher interest rate or even put my primary home up for collateral for this deal. Please let me know if you are willing to deal or know someone who is.

Is it still available?

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My name is Jonathan Jura and I have excess to private funding and would be interesting in hearing more if its still available.

Contact me through my email or cell


Seller Might Have A Contractual Relationship With Their Realtor

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I'm not an expert on this ... but it is my understanding that you can't suddenly cut out the Realtor if the seller (who always pays the Realtor's commission, as opposed to the buyer) has a contract to permit the Realtor an opportunity to sell the place.

Maybe it is not "an exclusive right to sell" and you can find some wiggle room. Or, maybe the contract that the seller signed with the Realtor will expire soon --- and you can persuade the seller not to renew it. Otherwise, it's possible that the Realtor could get paid on it (regardless of whether it's a buyer who you may have waiting.)

Proceed with caution ... Good luck!

Hi Lenee


Just wanted to drop in & say hi Smiling Don't hesitate to ask me anything about REI to help you on your way to success, so ask away & stay in touch on your progress...

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A


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Yes this is possible. Just go to the seller and let them know that your offer is Cash BUT you most likely would have to wait until the Agents contract expires with the Owner.

If its bank owned yes wait until the contract expires and to keep from getting legally sued or the Owner from getting sued. Wait until the contract expires.


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If its Bank Owed and Reped by an Agent why don't you just put down a deposit and submit an offer and put a disclosure to the bank that it is and or assigns with a certain day contingency. Or just deposit as the buyer and do a double closing at closing.

It can be done. Anita is experienced with that.


I tried pm-ing you but cant so, I'm looking to build a net work and would love to hear what advice you have and maybe share some with you. PM me or reply. Have a great day!

i was wondering if you could

i was wondering if you could really truly do this with no job or money i have no job no money in the bank how can i pay closing costs?how can i pay attorneys costs? i read the book profit from real estate right now and i want to be a millianaire book help me please


I'm up and excited I start Dean's Investors workshop today. I just want to know did you take his course and is this really working? I'm new to investing but I want to give it a try.


RE Agent visit

Hi, I'm off to meet with two agents who called me back and wanted to discuss what I wanted to invest in. My plan is to follow the book n just say "starter home, 3br. 2bath. To turn 20k into 25k in a hotspot area right now"

What am I missing? What else should I be asking?

Hello, I did not take any of

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I did not take any of Dean's courses...I did however implement what he teaches for free. All I can say is it Works and Dean is real! Stay the course Smiling

I would say follow what Dean

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I would say follow what Dean teaches. There are also a couple of places on the site and in the books where Matt Larson tells you exactly how to deal with agents. Good luck to you!

need your city

need your city if your looking for cash investors to buy your deals

in IND

I also have access to financing

local and nationwide


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Hi just stopping by and showing some love and inspiration remember you are just one day away from closing your next deal

Interested in partnering

Hi! I live by Nashville TN. I have been studying Re for a while and can't seem to get in the game. I am interested in partnering and learning with you if you still have an opening.

Thank you!

Jay Miller
Cell - 615-405-6357****

Hi Jay! I will add you to

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Hi Jay! I will add you to the list and call you asap.

HEY LENEE !!!!!!!!

hope 2015 is good to you... all the best!