Looking for phone partner or a mentor

Looking for phone partner or a mentor

I live in the greater philadelphia area and am looking for a "phone partner" or a mentor, someone who is interested in haveing conversations about what we are/or would like to be doing in real estate. I am a new investor but have been learning about it for a couple of years. If any body is interessted please pm me.

Thanks, Joe


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phone partner


I agree it would be really great to have a partner or even a group to talk to about progress and development and help keep focused and on track.

I am new at this so I am learning a lot very quickly - at the same time I have plenty of energy and enthusiasm and am willing to put in the time and effort to find both great deals and qualified buyers as well as a team that will help the deals to happen.

I am on the look out for no money down deals right now until I have my accounts in the black again - and would also be open to partnering up for some joint ventures with someone who is looking to invest but has less time to look for deals for example.

So if that is a fit for anyone who would like to join up please let me know.
I am on Skype so could easily communicate that way - where ever you are.


Looking to Partner In Connecticut

Hi if anyone is from Connecticut and would like to get together and hopefully we can work together.I haven't done any deals yet just cold feet to get that first deal under my belt sent me a PM and we can get together Thanks Scott

Looking for a Partner

I'm in San Diego. I'd love to have a phone partner from anywhere. I just made a similar post on the 30 days to cash forum but got no response so far. I'd call any of you in order to do phone meetings.

Let me know what you all decide.



Hi Karemah - I'm in Europe but following the program for investing in the US - would love to chat on Skype if we can fit in around the time difference - my skype name is succeed4sure if you want to give it a go

Phone and other partnering in Texas

We are relatively new to DG but have been looking into REI for several years. Dean's Rock Bottom Blueprint and engaging style of communicating have caused it all to 'click' for us! Who out there in forum-land is interested in partnering with us? We're in the Fort Worth, TX area and plan on doing wholesaling of single family bread and butter homes to start out, as well as picking up some urban living apartments for cash flow properties.

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