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scott baker sr
north haven connecticut
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I'm a 47 year old male married for 19 years i have 2 boys ages 9 & 6 i loved to ride my Harley Davidson but 2 years ago i had back surgery now i can't do much of anything i rode for 25 years now i had to sell it so now i just sit down and can't do much of anything

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Petroleum Coordinator
Have Child(ren)
Some High School

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Mainly Just This One


HELLO Scott!

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WELCOME to the DG_family! How long have you been investing in Real Estate? What types of RE interest you? Tell us a little more about yourself in your profile. Send me a PM when you get a chance.
On another note, do you home school the boys? Have an awesome day Scott!

Wholesale a Property

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I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me if a Realor has a listing could you wholesale that property? If so how would i go about that without using my own money Thanks Scott

Looking To Partner In Connecticut

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Hi i was wondering if there is anyone from Connecticut that would like to partner up? i figured maybe 2 heads are better than one.Send me a PM Thanks scott

also looking for a partner in ct

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hi scott my name is Ricky Ward and I am also lookong for a partner in ct please send me a message