My first TWO DEALS in 2 months it worked!!!

My first TWO DEALS in 2 months it worked!!!

I want to first start off by saying thank you Dean and the DG family. I made 18,500.00 on two deals in two months time.

Both deals were intirely different the first deal started off as a assignment then turned into a finders fee However, still got the same fee of $10,000 and a good learning lesson could not believe it.

Deal number two was more difficult but I was more confident from deal #1 I learn so much from deal #1. This deal was difficult only because it was a seller redemption from the City of Mount Vernon, NY I worked really hard on this one but it was worth it at the end. The seller got her house back sold it and made a little something she was very happy. The buyer got a good deal dirt cheap. I made all this happen because I pick up Deans book and change my mind set. I walked away with $8,500 cash for helping somebody. I felt so good when it was over. closing Aug 19th

I want to say this to all the beginners like myself action is the key you have to first know the concept of the deal and and then put the little education you learn from Dean books, staff, or other investors, mentors if your fortunate into massive action. Don't do like I did and think you have to know every little thing there is about Real Estate I heard Dean say one time analysis paralyses.

let me tell you a little secret other realestate professionals do most of the transaction for you but you have to take action to find that out. I'm now on my 3rd deal coming I love this S***it and I did this while working a fulltime 9 to 5 job. So if I could do it anybody could do it.



that is AWESOME MAN !!! congratulations. what a whopper of checks so cool !!!!

so tell us how you found your investor friendly closing agent / attorney ?

how did you find these deals ?


Thrilled for you!

Thanks for sharing the details of your experience..helpful more than you know.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13


that is awesome i love to hear about deans 30 days book i have actually never read the whole thing but read the chapter headings & it is powerful right, me i bought more educ like dg insiderelite the educ they have on there, it is awesome & the rock bottom blueprint & the coaching line.

like you said if you can do it anybody can do it & working full time so no excuses for me Im gonna go get another deal too!



Go faster do more! GFDM!

way to go

that is a good story. I know it is hard to jump right into it, but I guess it's no different than starting a new job. When someone starts a new job they get hands on training, learn as you go. keep up the good work.

Well done!

Congrats on your deals keep at it.


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