What would YOU do?

What would YOU do?

I noticed the trending topics tonight seem to be about greed, and when to know if you've gone too far. I'm kind of dealing with that. I've had a couple deals fall apart for me recently because instead of just trying to wholesale a deal, I try to find the funds to do it myself even when I know I don't have enough time to get an HML to fund the sale. I've got a small list of private "investors", that are constantly asking me to bring them deals, that can "write a check on the spot". But whenever I present an incredible deal to them, it's "hey that sounds great, but we're gonna sit tight for now. Let us know when you get another one". Or, "oh, wow, I wish I could, but I'm all tied up this month. But Im definitely in on the next one!" It's to the point where I feel like a little girl trying to sell cookies instead of a very knowledgeable business woman willing to pay decent interest for a legit investment/partnership.

For example. I have a contract right now for $265k, $80k repairs, $525k ARV. And another, $115k PP, $8k repair, $160k ARV. I have comps, I have estimates, I have everything but the kitchen sink (one of the houses has already been gutted lol) to show them how amazing these deals are. But they passed on them, just like they pass on everything I've brought them so far. Sometimes I wonder if they are just waiting for my options to fall through so they can go swoop the deals up behind me... but I can't withhold the address if I want them to be able to vet the deal.

By the time I start thinking I need to hand this over to the handful of wholesalers I know and let them help me find an end buyer, I've only got a week or so left before I lose my option.... my earnest money, inspection and appraisal fees, and all the work I put in to the deal. Im not sure if Im being greedy, wanting to do the deals myself, or if Im just having a run of bad luck... but it's so painful (and expensive) to see deal after deal end up falling through just because of timing. On the other hand, as a Realtor, I guess I feel weird about wholesaling because initially I would be the "buyer" and I would have to disclose any payment I receive besides my regular commission... and I worry that would damage my ability to negotiate a good deal. So. I'm a little lost... if any of you are licensed and have dealt with this issue before I'd love to hear your input.



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Hey Tejanita

haven't heard from you for a long time...
I think you need to build a new buyers list... also, you may need to revamp your marketing department when you present your deals to your buyers...

Nothing wrong with wanting to do the deal yourself; however, when you don't have the funds to do it you need to either have a solid relationship with a HML or you may want to think of partnering with another investor who can provide the funds? It's always better to split the profit than have no profit Eye-wink

I don't think any investors will have a problem with you getting a commission and a wholesale fee if you are upfront with your buyers, AND you leave enough meat on the bone (key!)

You go girl!! Smiling



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