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Monica Pineda
Dallas, Texas
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Hi everybody! I am brand new to the site but I purchased Dean's books a few years ago. I am a licensed Realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for the last 8 years. I have worked for title companies and mortgage companies, and flipped a few properties years ago, so I am familiar with most areas of real estate. I know that investing is the most risky but most profitable side to the biz, and I finally got up the guts to see what I can do with it. I'd like to start out by connecting investors with great deals, since I dont have much capital or credit of my own right now. Hopefully soon I can promote myself to a full time investor! #excited

I love to sing. I compete in vocal competitions frequently. I play pool and Texas hold em fairly regularly. I don't mind taking a risk if it's something I know Im good at, the odds are in my favor!

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Hi Monica! Welcome to the DG family! Always glad to see another Texan on this site. Smiling
-Teresa Jo
College Station, TX

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My name is Steve and I too am a Texas Realtor and an experienced Investor. I am very interested in forming a master mind group with those people who are truly interested in moving forward. I believe that working together we can go farther a lot faster and like minds tend to become very creative. Please respond.

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