New to realestate

New to realestate


I'm a newbie in investing real estate. I'm schedule to go to the Don’s seminar this weekend in Philadelphia, PA. 3/24/12. I'm so excited!!!!

I've already started on my research in finding buyers and sellers / realtors.

Looking for people in the Philadelphia or outline areas who could show me the ropes, and give me hands on advice.

Looking to start making money ASAP!!




to the DG family we are here to help people out with questions they may have about real estate im not from that area but I know there are others who are.
Dont let anything get in your way or anyone tell you that it cant be done.
all the best in your new journey!

Matt B

Good for you

That is what it is all about, taking action. Happy REI.



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Thank you ALL for your encouragement!!!!!


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Continue Taking Action

Greetings falexander,

I just wanted to tell you to continue taking action and to see how the research is going.I look forward to hearing about your first deal keep up the good work.

Hi Florence

congratulations for taking the first steps in becoming a real estate investor;
I would recommend that you attend a rei club in your area, where you can meet other investors; offer to birddog in exchange of someone showing you how to find properties, what to look for, how to assess them, how to prepare the paperwork to present the offers, etc.

below is a link to find a rei club in your area,

wishing you success,



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If you are new to real

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Newbie needs info

I am new to real estate. I have listen to DG for a few months. Now an opportunity has presented itself and I am not sure how to proceed. I was a voluntary caretaker for a 102 year old neighbor and her tenancy ended with her passing -- now her apartment/coop is available from the owner in Brooklyn NY City. It is old and needs lots of renovations/work. I was thinking about purchasing and rehabing and reselling and now am considering wholesaling which I saw in DG info but not sure how to do it. What ideas do you have? What are my steps? THANK YOU DG family.

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all the best for taking up

all the best for taking up the decision for investing in real estates. As you are completely new to the business so better hire a good broker who will help and guide you through the whole process.

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