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South Carolina
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I've always wanted to work with real estate.Every since I was a little girl I would watch my step-dad fix up friends homes or buy mobile homes,fix,and sell them.After spending so much time with him all he ever talked about was starting his own company and if I wanted to make money this is what I should be doing.He sowed my first books and audio's into my life.The sad thing is he past in 2009 and wasnt able to go through with his plan so I plan to start OUR COMPANY IN LOVING MEMORY OF HIM.Its not just about the money with me,I would love more time with my family and to rebuild and add value to my community and create other businesses and I know for a FACT that REAL ESTATE IS IT.

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Hi .

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Hey. I just read your bio and I must say you can't be alone.

You are cool.

Youa are HERE.

This place really stands out. I live in massachusetts and its been difficult to find members until recently(lucky me!!).

This place needs time and you will see my point.

Peace and Good Hunting.