First time gitters

First time gitters

Hey everyone, my name is Phil Stewart and I'm new to real estate. I'm working right now as a welder/body mechanic for the Government. A lot of people in this area (Texarkana, Tx.) think they would like to work where I do. I want to make a nothing position for them. I want out. I'm a US veteran and as far as jobs go working for the government has it's perks, but I don't make enough money. I've done some reading and have just enough knowledge to get myself in to trouble with real estate. Can anyone offer some pointers to the new guy trying to accomplish his first deal. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Phil Stewart

Welcome Phil!

My advice is to read all of Dean's books (if you haven't already) and then just take action! You need to build your buyer's list first if you are going to wholesale. Also, read as much as you can on this is full of information! Smiling

Don't be afraid to make mistakes--that's the only way you will learn. Also, try to find a local real estate investing club and join it. You will find that their are other newbies there too. It's a great place to find cash buyers too.

Just keep reaching out to others for help and you will get there. Don't ever give up on your dreams!


College Station, TX
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Yes I agree

Read all you can here and ask questions here. Come here daily for knowledge and motivation. Also read all the books you can. Definitely join a local REI Club and network locally. Best wishes and Welcome. Tammy

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First Time

I am where you were. Hang in there and I hope you have had great success since your post. This is my first week starting and I am stuck on where to start. If you would lend me any help or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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