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Teresa Boriski
College Station, Texas
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I recently joined this site and the information on here is invaluable! I've been reading Dean's books and will be meeting with my lawyer soon so I can get started. I would like to retire from my job within the next 5 years and so I plan on starting wholesaling very soon. I was referred to the DG website by an email from David Bach.

Update: I've joined the SA!! Smiling

Jan, 2013 update: I've joined LifeStyles Unlimited, Houston, TX. It's a REI mentor/education company.

Declare that you will prosper despite every difficulty that may come your way. Don't just survive; thrive! -Joel Osteen

Real estate investing, reading, swimming, travel

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Thanks Greg

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Hi Greg. Thanks for the well wishes! I'm in College Station. I haven't really done anything yet but read Dean's books and I did go visit with a RE attorney last week. My 30 days to RE Cash is turning into 90 days! LOL! My next step is to order some business cards and then order the bandit signs. How long have you been involved in RE investing?

Hi Teresa

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I used to live in Austin and Corpus Christi...

Glad to hear that you discovered this site through David Bach, who I admire very much as well... definitely know about my latte factor Eye-wink

all you need to do to get started is put out your bandit signs; don't get hooked on reading too much (like me!); just go out and take action; believe me, once you get your buyers, you will know what properties to look for, and it will all fall into place...

wishing you success,

Thanks Valerie

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Right, I need to get my buyers first however. What do you say exactly when you call FSBO signs and For Rent signs?

I know what you mean about reading too much...sometimes when I read something it makes me stop from doing anything. Ugh! Gotta get over the fear!

Did you attend the Univ. of Texas?
Great to hear from you!


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call a few FSBO ads that you have no interest in buying... you will feel more at ease, and that will help you build your confidence; when you talk to people, the best thing is to ask open-ended questions and let the homeowners speak, and listen...
a coach at one of DG's seminars said- there is a reason why we have two ears and one mouth Eye-wink
let them know that you saw their ad and you would like to know a bit about their property (don't call it their 'home'); ask them why they are selling, and then listen... then ask them if you could buy their property within 7 days, what would be the minimum that they would accept... if you see a possibility, ask if you can come by and look at the property...

When you call For Rent, ask if they would consider selling the property? if they say no, thank them and move on...

DG's book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now' is my favorite one...

Didn't attend UT, went to ACC though...

Take action, even a little every day will get you closer to your goal!



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Thanks Valerie! I have printed out what you advised to do and will re-read "Profit from Real Estate Right Now".

Thanks for your help.

How is it going?

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Hi Teresa,
Just thought I would drop a note and see how things are going?

Going slow

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Hi Therin. I just now saw your message to me. I just returned from a trip to San Francisco to see my daughter. Spent a week there and it was awesome! Saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the 1st time. My REI is going real slow. I enrolled in the SA and I need to call them and get some advice. How is your REI going?

In SF?

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just noticed your post saying you were here in San Fran?! How fun! Nothing like the Golden Gate Bridge Eye-wink
It would have been fun to have met you in person! Next time you're here give me a heads up and we can arrange to meet?

Keep working on your rei, and don't forget to call the coaches, every day!!

Hey Valerie!

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Yes, I was in SF back at the first part of July. My daughter, who is 26, is living there for the summer. She got a summer job at a summer camp for kids called "Celsius and Beyond". Anyway, we were SO BUSY every day that I was there...went across the Golden Gate Bridge (my first time), went to the Academy of Science and Museum of Modern Art and other museums. Went to China Town and went to the top of the Mark at night. I def. need to go back because there are several things I didn't get to see! Smiling Yes, I would def. like to meet you the next time I'm in the area. I'm so sorry I didn't contact you while I was there...I should have! I'm going through all the SA courses, but haven't called the coaches much. I decided to go through them first and print out all the workbooks, take the quizzes, etc. and then go back to the beginning and just do the work required for wholesaling. I realize this is probably not the "right way", but I feel like I would be wasting my time doing all the other stuff that's not needed for the strategy I'm going to use. Good to hear from you!
Take care!

Hi Teresa!

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Thanks for the note.. I've read a bunch of your posts so seeing your picture and note on my guestbook was like getting a comment from an old friend! I love these forums, everyones so friendly and helpful. I hope everything is going great for you!

Hi Monica!

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Yes, I agree...everyone on here is very helpful! Let me know if I can ever help you out...although you probably know more about real estate than I do at this point since you are a real estate agent...LOL!

Take care!

Just Down the Road

Hey Teresa I live in conroe and also am just startin out hopefully we can help one another some time.

Hi Bo!

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Yes, I've been through Conroe several times. Have you joined an REI club yet? Let me know how I can help. Even though I've been on this site a while I still consider myself a beginner! Smiling

Hi Teresa!!

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Just gettin started in the DG family.....although I have been a "lurker" for about 4 years.....and this is my FIRST actual posting!

I am writing because I have ALWAYS looked for serious DG members in Texas who are "working the program" and have not really found any. When I saw that you were from College Station, I stopped to read your bio.

I am impressed with your spunk....just the determination to become a civil engineer speaks loads. I am an early retiree and have grown kids......and some time to learn, research, and LIVE!!

I have attended several of the intro courses Dean has offered in my area (Waco) and have always come away with useful/valuable information, but have not sensed a tie-in to our communities in Texas.

I haven't really done anything specifically/officially with DG, nor have I bought any of the courses offered......but, I have followed faithfully his blogs and read his books.

I know he is not the ONLY answer to success in real estate, but I do think he effective reads the trends very well and does extensive research. Now that he is looking for regional managers, it tells me that he is ready to broaden his structure and grow his company....it makes perfect sense.....for someone who understands first-hand and has been involved POSITIVELY in realestate for so many years. If it is working.....help it grow.

So, Teresa, I was just wanting to let you know that I think Texas is a GREAT opportunity state for the "upswing" phase that DG has been talking about....problem is, it is also unique unto itself when it comes to dealing with so many areas of real estate.

I would love to hear more about your DG experience there in College Station and possibly work with you to get a stronger DG support structure here in TEXAS!!


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Welcome aboard. Koodos for making the choices you've made.

Rick Cooper Investments

Hi Teresa

I haven't read from you in a min.

I hope you are doing awesome and rocking it in your rei business

Best wishes:)

My favorite quote of today "No matter what comes your way, shake it off and move forward. When you have a positive mindset, you can't be defeated."- Joel Osteen


Hi TC!

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Yes, I've been very busy working on my first wholesale deal. How is your investing going? I like your favorite quote...it is so true.