I seriously need some help!!

I seriously need some help!!

Hi there. Ok. I am following Dean's "30 Days to Real Estate" and I'm stuck on trying to find these buyers. I've looked up my town's assessor's website, but I'm stuck on where to go or what to actually look for? I'm on the property information page for my city, but is that it? Can someone help me please?


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You look up property address, find owners name and address. Use phone book or 411 for phone number or google them. Send letter if nothing else.

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https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/renvestr/ Free tools

Yes James

What area are you working?


www.tw4homes.com website
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Another great way to learn

Another great way to learn how to acquire buyers is on YOUTUBE. Just type in keywords in the search bar such as "how to find buyers for real estate", questions like that. I found some pretty good ideas on how to find them locally or in other cities.

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what you do is find out how to find out who the buyers are on your list that you have, i am assuming that you have a list of cash sold props from an agent? if not you have to get that list from an agent like the book says.

but if you do have that list then you either go online if you can some counties are diff some allow you to go online and find out who the buyers are, or some you have to go in person, call your county prop tax office and find out ok.

then when you find out who the buyers you will see in the county tax records the prop they bought and their mailing address where their tax bill is sent, but then you google them and try to find their ph #s online or use spokeo ,and if you cannot find their number then you mail them a letter stating that you find props and if you can send them deals. Hope this helps



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