Can I really do this?

Can I really do this?

ok so i got Deans 'Profit from Real Estate Right Now' book a month or so ago. and ive read it and i was even supposed to call one of the reps back for possibly getting into the success academy. but once i finished the book i got really scared. becuase i just graduated high school, i have no job and cant find one, have no lisence or car. so basically no transportation but family and friends. is it really possible to do this without all those things? i have no money to advertize, so i cant really advertize besides word of mouth. any advice?


You can

You can advertise on backpage, craigslist, kijiji and other free classified ads for newspapers. If you got cell phone call on We Buy Houses signs and find out what kind of properties they're buying. See if they're willing to pay a referral if you throw them a deal. You can get your parents involve with your real estate investing. I have no car either but I'm making due with getting around town on public transportation or meeting up with my REA & we drive to property to tour it.

Find REI clubs in your area via;facebook & myspace. Start a twitter profile let people know you invest in real estate. Believe me people will believe to follow you on twitter! REI is about networking with people to get to the deals before others. Find sellers (FSBO) willing to seller finance your deals with No Money Down. You can do this it's going to take work (ACTION!) on your part. God Bless in you REI. Smiling


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You can do this! Confidence is half the battle. Atlcamel gave you some great advice. The more you learn about real estate and your local market the more you will gain confidence and direction. Establish a plan and work your plan to success. Good luck on starting your investment career. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you can do this of course you can do this. you are not the only one on here with challenges, whatever they may be. think outside the box. be creative remember this is CREATIVE real estate investing. we are all overcoming OUR OWN CHALLENGES to make this work.

do you have a friend/ family member that supports you that can drive you around and help you ?

also i dont know where you live but is safe public transportation an option ?

is getting your license an option so you can borrow someones car and drive yourself ?

i really want you to know that because some people are goin to tell you you can't do this on top of the fact you have no transportation and your own self doubt at times it may get discouraging. but you must hang in there YOU CAN DO THIS. YOUR CHALLENGES ARE NO GREATER than any of us are facing.

yes it works

yes you can do it

and yes it works in your area.

when you may think it doesn't work in your area remember this. DO PEOPLE NEED A PLACE TO LIVE WHERE I LIVE ? AN EMPHATIC YES THEY DO.

sorry i get a lil emotional when i hear of someone so young struggling because we all want this to work for all of us. i want so much for you and i and everyone to succeed in the very biggest way. you have so many advantages. i'm just assuming you probably have pretty good credit or no credit hstory which is in your favor being so young. in other words no credit history is better than bad credit history. you get a fresh start in that area.

also see if it's possible for you to join a real estate investors club that way you can surround yourself with like minded people who will support you and answer your questions. you will meet alot of people who want the same thing you want.

hang in there you can do it. pm = private message so pm if i can help you further

good luck and happy investing


sorry it's so long.



Yes you can !!

You most certainly can do this !!

"What your mind can conceive and believe , your mind can achieve ."

Remember , your belief will create the fact ..

Randy Sherman
Elkton MD

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