Redemption Period on Tax Liens

Redemption Period on Tax Liens

Hi all, I have a question. I attended a FREE DG seminar last week and became very interested in the tax lien aspect as a way to get into the RE market because I don't have much money. I'm interested in generating cash NOW rather than two years down the road. One of the things that I took away from the seminar is that the strategy is to buy tax liens that are near the end of their redemption or grace period.

I looked at the Tax Lien Tutor site and clicked on the Buy Direct (which was talked about at the seminar) tab. Is there a way to find out if any of those properties are near the end of their redemption period? I'd also like to get further training, but just don't have the funds to do it.



Tax Liens

I believe you need to buy the program to have the insight to when the redemption period is over and the right to buy direct. If your are unable to do so. I am sure you can get info on how buy tax lien from your county and start there. There is also probably info at library. Dean's program is a way to go fast as is everything he offers
good luck, Theresa

Redemption Period

The redemption period can vary from one state to the next on length of time.
Generally 1-3 years.
The treasure (tax collector) is the go to source for tax sales & information in that county.
I believe the liens on tax lien tutor will show what year that lien is.
So for example if it was a 2010 lien & it is in a state where its a 2 year redemption period state, that would be ready to foreclose on