I have heard about tax sales but never looked at the potential in detail but a friend just informed me that someone he knows inherited his parents home and because there are back taxes due he plans on just walking away.There is about 30 days until the county steps in and takes the property. (three years of taxes) I have tried tracking him down but he has left the area and the neighbor says he has not been at the house in six months. SEV on it is 80k. Looks pretty good from the outside but not sure on the inside but with that much upside it doesn't really matter. It is in town and sits on a bluff overlooking the river. I thought there was a process of paying the taxes and taking the owners position and if he doesn't show up for some period of time after the deadline the property becomes mine? I live in Michigan and would appreciate any advice! Thanks, Brad


Inherited House with Back Taxes

Hey Brad,

Way to go!!!
Always keep your eyes & ears open for deals!
In order to develop a strategy, you will need more information.
If the house has truly been inherited, with all paperwork recorded, there should be an address of the current owner somewhere on file, especially if the person your friend knows is NOT living in the inherited house.

Go to the Register of Deeds office at the local courthouse for help. Make sure you have the address of the property and as much information on the property you can find out.

Keep adding to your Buyers List by advertising online on free websites, such as www.craigslist dot com. Google " free advertising websites in (your local area)". Check out Dean's Books if you have not read them already. A couple books can be downloaded free on this platform.

When you have a list of qualified buyers, you can quickly write up a contract for a property and assign the property to a real estate investor; but right now, you can google the address of the Inherited property and look over the website results for contact information. Be Persistent Everyday!!! Enlist the help of your chosen real estate broker to find information. Your chosen, local attorney might even know who finalized the papers for the Inheritance.

I hope this information helps you somehow. Stay plugged in here. This is a great support platform to keep you in the right mindset.
May your efforts be rewarded!


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