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Charlotte, North Carolina
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North Carolina native
Problem Solver
Real Estate Investor
Business Owner

Single family homes, multi family units, friends and family

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Business Owner, Real Estate Investor
No Children
Some College


nancy B

Hi i what to kmow what part are you located,me im from south GA

Where I'm located

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I'm in North Carolina.

getting started

we are new to this and for some reason we(me) are finding it difficult getting started.. we are looking to invested in Chicago, i have seen a lot of properties on the fanny mae site and we are interested in quick sale, but having difficulty starting that,, can anyone help us .. we are ready to get started..

Getting Started

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I'm Anthony Davis, your DG Family in Charlotte, North Carolina. A support group is a good way to get started. You are already plugged into this sight_which is awesome!!!!!

Google area real estate investment clubs in the city and town where you are planning on investing. This will get you plugged into others who could be investing in your target area (if you join).

Call area specialists attorneys in (real estate) meaning only or mostly real estate experience.

Do the same thing for real estate brokers, escrow companies and title companies. (you do not have to inlist their services at this point); this information will be really useful a little later.

Your broker can give you comparable prices for properties that meet your criteria for investing. Check out Dean's fair market value calculator for help with making offers to your broker on your properties_it's awesome!

Google local "wholesalers",local "cash home buyers", to get buyers for your properties that you & your attorney have locked up with contracts. Always seek Professional help with questions_here and outside this platform. Look into Dean Graziosi's books, entitled Your Town, Your Real Estate Profits!(I believe that is the name-I do not have the book in front of me). Profit
From Real Estate Right Now! is another great book! Dean gives a lot of free information as well as support for his students_stay tuned in!
That's all for now,
Your NC Family!

Hey your in good hands now DG member

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Welcome to the DG family.
Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

God bless you keep learning.
Earn points and rewards thru contribution.

Hey Anthony

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I just saw this email from you. Hope all is well, what real estate have you been involved with so far? I live off Poplar Tent and 73, real close to you. We need to meet up and chat. Later Jack 704-502-3589