Cash Buyers Want SFR

Cash Buyers Want SFR

Most all cash buyers are looking for SFR (Single Family Residence)… recently had an article that listed the

10 Cities With Largest Percentage of Single-Family Homes ...

While it is relatively easy to guess the cities with the lowest per-capita concentration of single-family homes—New York and Philadelphia—you might have a harder time identifying the cities in this top 10.
There’s a definite Midwest flavor to the list. We picked an interesting home to highlight in each town—all of them free from cramped quarters.

1. Wausau, WI (96% single-family homes)
2. Modesto, CA (94%)
3. Green Bay, WI (94%)
4. Decatur, IL (93.9%)
5. Fort Wayne, IN (93.8%)
6. Omaha (93.7%)
7. Lafayette, IN (93.5%)
8. Lima, OH (93.5%)
9. Appleton, WI (93.4%)
10. Canton, OH (93.2%)


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Yes it is true that most of us are looking for SFR that is single family residence since to keep our privacy and to make our life successful one. Thanks for sharing about the cities so that we could make out a choice for buying.

It was a useful article and

It was a useful article and it gives the list of cities with the lowest per-capita concentration of single-family homes. The article in talks about those cities in detail.


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