Special Livecast With Dean, Gena and Andrea - REPLAY AVAILABLE!

The Livecast with Dean, Gena and Andrea on Tuesday Feb 4th is complete and the replay is posted!

* * * Click Here To Watch The Replay Of This Special Livecast! * * *

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2 1/2 Days of pure education from the top students on what is working for them right now in this market!

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Livecast Replay From Thursday Night (Aug 1st) Posted!

Check out the replay for webcast if you missed the live broadcast! Dean Graziosi shares some wisdom on mindset and is joined by Matt Larson to share his advice as well.

Insider Elite members can watch the second portion exclusive for members on the Insider Elite website. If you're not already a member now would a great time to start a trial membership to see webcast training in its entirety.


UPDATE: The replay of our Livecast has been posted! Watch The Replay By Clicking Here!

We had a very special Livecast on Thursday night with one of the largest viewings ever.. In fact we max out at 2000 people and we exceeded that. So sorry if you could not watch. But the cool part was we worked hard and got the replay up right away for those who missed or could not watch live.

If you missed it make sure to go watch now and see the amazing speakers from the EDGE share priceless wisdom including some really special opportunities from Dean that are only for those who watch the replay;)

Saturday's LiveCast Replay ready for YOU to watch.

Our Saturday 5 hour LIVE training turned out to be something incredible. Sorry if you missed it live, BUT we worked all night and got the replay up for those who could not make it. Go check it out and why it turned out to be "the day of the empowered women" Eye-wink Watch the LiveCast!

REPLAY POSTED from Live Webcast on Monday, Feb 4th

REPLAY IS POSTED! Join Dean & his guest Matt Larson online for another brilliant training. You’ll hear important information about our area manager selection as well as the next evolution of the infamous 25:1 deal finding system.

This powerful information is cutting edge and yours to learn and use.. Enjoy!

Note: This is the replay for the first segment of the Livecast. The second half was bonus coverage for the Insider Elite members. We recommend taking Inside Elite for a trial run and getting all of the amazing features (virtually all of our books, products, systems... plus life coaching, ask experts, daily wisdom and so much more). Plus, you'll get to see the replay of the bonus coverage on the site also. Eye-wink

IE Webcast Sneak Preview Replay!

Today we had a training webcast on Insider Elite, and we wanted to give a sneak peek to by showing the first half of the webcast to everyone. By doing so, we hope we can compel those who are not members to give it a try on a trial basis and take advantage of all of the features and services to get the right mindset and take advantage of the unlimited access to the archive of products we have assembled. Please enjoy the first half, and we encourage you to try IE for 30 days and see if you agree that it can take your efforts to the next level. The IE portion of the replay will be posted on Insider Elite.

Special IE Livecast Free Preview This Afternoon!

Today Dean has a special livecast taking place for Insider Elite members and non-members are invited to join the first half of it! Please access the livecast today at 1:00PM PT/4:00PM ET to watch it.

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Fighting spam requires walking a fine a line between inconveniencing the "real" users of the community and keeping the spammers out. In the past we have tried to walk this line by adding new spam filters. These filters need trained over time to know what is good and what is bad and inevitably some "real" content gets flagged as spam. Despite letting people know of this possibility there wasn't a very good reception during the training period and we ended removing it and went back to relying on the old filters and having community flag spam themselves when they saw it.

Stay a Part...Not Apart

Here's an important truth for everyone who relies on the information, support and wisdom from this investor community.

We are here to continue to guide, help and encourage you to succeed. Not only real estate, but in reaching your goals as a citizen of this planet. While some are feeling elated about their outlook for the future, others are feeling the exact opposite. Take this message to heart. You have all the capabilities you need to live the life you want.

Sunday's Webcast Replay Available!

The Sunday webcast is over, but if you missed any of it you need to watch it ASAP! If you have not signed up for Insider's Elite, do it now before the amazing offer ends!

Become an Insider Elite Member Today!

PS: We drew the winner of the house and it was David Careau. Congrats David!

Note: This version has a couple recording glitches in it and we will be posting an official version within the next 12 hours that includes a couple missing minutes.

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