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How can someone invest in real estate with poor credit, and no job? NinaNani23014 years 14 weeks ago

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morning,i reside in augusta,ga and im trying 2 fight myself outta a brown paperbag,i find the website: lets citizens see their credit score that lenders lookups and see and for mr dean course is one im looking 2 purchase i stay up latenight every night counting on sumthing of value advertising within my cash range hope this interface helpout someone somewhere

myfico-2008-is new 4 08

thought id thank mr dean for his itv latenight broadcast and let correspondents know of the new 2008 my fico credit score seeya later

augusta, ga

Good evening,
I think i saw on this site that you are in the Augusta area. I just wanted to know if this course and Deans info has worked for you here or not. I am new to real estate and this area and would like to make it work.