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Nina Struzzeri
Pittston, PA USA
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Hello. I am a single mother of a 2 and a half year old son, Inicci. I saw Dean on an Infomercial and m gut instinct told me to take a chance. So, here I am. I just recieved the book today, 4-2-08; Be a Real Estate Millionare. I am trying to follow the Quick Start Sheet step by step, and # 1 is the website. So, I registered, and now I am trying to read the entire site ad all the links, etc., etc., etc., before moving on to step 2. I will call tomorrow for my website, then start the book. I can't wait to start, and more s, finish! Best of Luck to all, and myself!!! LOL!

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How can someone invest in real estate with poor credit, and no job? NinaNani23015 years 49 weeks ago

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I purchased the book and I find myself stuck because I'm trying to do finders fees and I'm stuck with wich form to use in regards to when we go into contract with the owner of the property.Then when we find a buyer for that property step by step how do we back out of the contract.And last were does our money get paid from.Need more information on finders fees more training so I can pay for your mentors.


Hi nina

Hey Nina i loved your post because I'm in the same situation minus the children. I am looking into doing assignments and am trying to learn as much as possible. I was curious to how you were making out. Any deals yet?
Look forward to hearing from you.

I'm New

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hey nina I'm new to this whole thing I just wanna kno how u doin with it I started the book,its goin good but i need some tips on finin these private investors

finders fee's

Hi,we are wondering the same thing? how do we find investors?


Hello my name is Naysha, and my husband for weeks now have been asking me to order this book. I was very concerned that it might be a scam so I decided before we invest any money at all that I would need to do some research first. Needless to say, I have been searching for a reason not to purchase this book and thus far I have not found 1. In fact I am very impressed on all the sucess stories and the ratings! Guys please let me know how this product is currently working for you. Also is there anyone from the Philadelphia, PA area who has exercised this please advise thanks.

Waiting on book.

I am a newcomer to this business. I live in Az. we have one of the highest rate of foreclosures. I am hoping this will be a great place to invest in property. I was laided off from my job 6 months ago.

This will be a new adventure for me and my family.

I am reading all I can on this website until I receive my books. I wish all the best of luck. LETS HELP ONE ANOTHER!


Next Step?

I just purchased the book and have not received it. I am reading everything on the website while I wait for the book. Is there anything else to do while I wait. Help! Good Luck to all.


any further?

I saw your post and was woundering how its working for you or if your still having trouble. Im new to this completly and am curious how other new people are doing. thanks.

hey Nina

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Just dropping by to say hi & see how your REI is going......

Your friend,
John A.
JP Bargains

Checking in with you to see how you're doing...

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Hello Nina,

I've been reading some of the threads and I'm wondering how you're doing? How are things going for you in the REI_world?
Looking forward to your reply.


is there any step by step

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is there any step by step way to do what it is you do


Hey Nina,How you doing? Even though you asked this question back in April 2008... it still comes in handy for the newbies...I like Sullys comment about finding propertys for investors and asking If they pay a finders fee I think I'll start out going that way..again thanks for that question Cecelia

Structured Settlement

Nina go to to check on you structured settlements payments. They may be able to give you a lump sum and you can use that to invest. They also do partial payments so you won't be without your structured settlement payments indefinitely.