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Alhonza Lashley
Stone Mountain GA
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Alphonza led and managed teams of over 13 Fiber Optic Technicians and taught groups of engineers the basics of Fiber Optic Technology, Installation, and Testing. Al has an inherent skill as a teacher and uses innovative concepts to impart knowledge to students in such ways that the teaching is experiential.

He and his teams tested and turned over for service all the initial fiber optic systems installed in the New York boroughs of, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, The Bronx, Staten Island, White Plains, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, and Mount Kisco New York.

Alphonza believes in continued learning and makes every attempt to stay on the cutting edge through studying the latest books, electronic media courses, and systems of marketing. Al is an avid student and learns from every person that is blazing the trail in their field.

He is fortunate to spend personal time with people such as, Jim Rohn, Brian Klemmer, Rich Schefren, Jeffrey Combs, and Jerry Clarke to name a few.

Barbadian by birth, he immigrating to USA as a permanent resident in 1970, and began what became his career in the telecommunications industry.

He is currently pursuing his second career as an Entrepreneur.

Al is a proud father of two young ladies Monica and Kristin, three grandsons and one grand daughter.

Al comments: "Achievement is mine to create, to which I truly commit. Getting it done, gives me the special joy of creating an environment where everyone moves forward together."

Al has professional experience as an Entrepreneur, electrical contractor, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, house painting, small appliance repair, Electrolux, Amway/Quixtar Independent Business Owner (IBO). Thirty-six years in Telecommunications. His current passions, Network Marketing and empowerment through webucation.

Using his experiential knowledge, Al empowers others to create, develop, and build relationships with honest love, practicing commitment, promoting courage, and an abundance mindset, a viewpoint that wholeness and completeness has nothing to do with external circumstances, all creating harmony, the type of harmony Napoleon Hill details in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

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I am a master Handyman, Avid Gardener and a Kite Flier; I love and go Bicycle Riding often, Tennis, Snow Skiing, Paddle Ball, Cricket, Horseback riding, Photography, Reading motivational Literature and books, listening to motivational Tapes CDs and DVDs.

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