Post Your Father's Day Thoughts Here

Post Your Father's Day Thoughts Here

As you know, in addition to being obsessed with helping people create their best life ever and change their future for generations with real estate, Dean has a few additional passions. One of the MOST important is being the best darn father he can be. So in honor of Dean's commitment to being a great dad as well as commemorating Father's day, here is a place to express your thoughts. Feel free to share your positive stories, quotes or anecdote's here:

*Do you have a great father story or memory?
*Did you have someone who filled the role as a father?
*Are you doing something unique as a father yourself?
*If you have a hard time with this day, what have you been able to do (or are you doing) about that?
* How does your "WHY" in real estate reflect your goals as a father?

I'll start off with my contribution.

My mom died when I was 9 and my dad was always working. Sadly, we didn't connect much. In fact, I didn't like my dad very much growing up. But when I was in my mid-twenties and coming out of my "lost years" I started working hard to build a relationship with him.

See, I assumed my dad should have worked to build a relationship with me, but at 24 I figured there was no rule that said it couldn't work the other way. Besides, I wasn't that easy of a kid to raise anyway Smiling.

I started by giving him a hug every now and then, slowly over a period of years he went from the one arm sideways hug to a full embrace. Within five years we never ended a visit or a phone call without telling each other we loved one another.

For the next 9 years, we had a lot of great times together. My willingness to love my dad and accept him for who he was, opened my eyes to understand his struggles, his flaws and his heartaches. I learned a lot and changed a lot. Soon I started to realize how much he did love my brother and I. He was raised in a different world, with different rules. So as is often the case, we taught each other about life in my adult years.

I was with him when he got sick and during the last few weeks and minutes of his life. I am blessed beyond measure because I got the chance to tell him what he did right, let him know I forgave him for anything he did wrong, encourage and honor him for the way he never quit, tell him about my strengths and weaknesses as a man - and most of all I had the honor to share the Gospel with him in a way he never had understood it.

I have no regrets about things unsaid and I am SO FORTUNATE to have been able to repair our relationship. He's been gone for 10 years now, and I still tear up at times when I think of him. But it is tempered with joy! Today, as a father myself, I have striven to make different choices with my boys. I'm glad that most of the crappy choices I made in my life were made before I was a dad. My boys think I'm awesome AND I sure want to live up to that. I want to do even better as a father than my dad did. I may spoil them a bit too much, but they have no doubt that I love them...that I'm proud of them and that I believe in them. I encourage them to chase their dreams, work for what they want and to live a life that puts God first and above all else. (I sure hope they get that now instead of after 30 plus years like it took me.) I am strong with them but not afraid to be vulnerable too.

Most of the time I judge myself as failing in one way or another as a father. Then I remember, as their earthly father, I have limitations...I am NOT perfect nor even close, but they are growing up with the knowledge of the One who is perfect and has no limitations. They are, after all, His children, like me...and only put in my care for a little while. So while I have them, I will do the best I can to help them grow up to be strong, honest, moral men who become better father's then me. If I can come to the end of my days feeling I did the best job possible to achieve that, I will feel like I ran the race, well...that will be my legacy!


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That was a really nice story!

Glad that you were able to connect with your father so well. I have tried as an adult to connect with my father, but it has not come to fruition. I gave up in my 30's as my father is an alcoholic. That, however, is the least of it and I was essentially abandoned as a child by my parents. Sadly it is true of mother's day as well. I really don't see them as parents and that is truly sometimes very hard for me. On a happy note I love that my husband was a great father and so I focus on that! I can still celebrate Fathers day!

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Father's Day

I had a great, hardworking father, But looking back, I see he spent too much time working. But he was saving up money for my brother's and my future. We grew up during the war years so we didn't have a lot of stuff. My parents were both Christians and they instilled thos values in us. My Dad always said "Don't let a habit get ahold of you." Very true and very valuable. He was always helping other people, too.


Pauline Timmons

Happy Fathers Day to all the DG Dads

I lost my Dad on February 1, 2010 On Fathers day we would take him to Sully's plantation for the antique car show every year until he could not walk around that well he refused to use a wheel chair I do miss him and yes he would be the first one saying about try to do real estate that I was crazy Oh and I know I could never tell him the truth about how much I've spent! Rich Dad poor Dad a must read..... I know he is still with me in spirit Happy Fathers Day to all the DG Dads


Dean I want to thank You as well for reaching out to me and sharing your Father's Day moment,which I thought was VERY SPECIAL!

My first Father whom I give ALL PRAISES TO! If it was not for HIM I would't be here today.

My Father is VERY SPECIAL to me because he lives in Vermont.
I don't get to see him or spend that "quality time" with him,
but,what we do HAVE is a long distance "communication bond"...
and when he do come to CT to visit,I give him the BIGGEST HUG letting
him KNOW that I LOVE HIM and MISS HIS "PRESENCE" daily...
I don't have kids with my wife...and when I came into her life, she had a son
and at first it was difficult playing the role of " the father" ...but as time
moved on,I married her and then became a step father.I was able to help her son become a Man, who is now 18 yrs. old...what a journey it LOVE YOU MILADY and THANK YOU! and to DEAN.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

My Father

I lost my father on November 8th our last weeks together were at sometimes wonderful and sometimes very trying my one regret is I couldn't be with him at his last breath due to hurricane Sandy and then a noreastern storm right be hind it I had to take care of my mother and keep her safe. He was a great man and a great father up everyday at five thirty to work two jobs to provide for my two sisters and my brother and I. He still found time to show his love for us and be a wonderful father. The world would be a better place if everyone had a father like him. you are missed Dad I love you Rich McAleese

To The Hard working Dads

I am bless to have a hard working dad he allways thougth me rig ht from worng he told me alot about dishonest peopel to be carefull and wise.We didnt have much when we grew up but allways made the best of things my brother and sisters are now humbely GREATFULL TO HAVE A GREAT GREAT FATHER ON THIS FATHER DAY We `are going to visit him at the cemetary today and have a FATHERS DAY PICNIC FOR are BELOVED FATHER THANKS ALL DG MEMBERS AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY


Timothy Lum

Good Morning Dean , I extend

Good Morning Dean ,

I extend to you and all the father's out there a special Blessing ,
May all thank God Our Eternal Father ,for His ,Love and Mercy

Lou R

May God Bless all the Fathers this day

I always had a tender heart, but our family never expressed physical love which was truly all I needed. Later in life I was able to serve a mission for the Mormon church serving the Hispanic people of southern California and the love of God touched my heart. I met my wonderful wife over 30 yrs ago and now we have 4 wonderful children, one of which is in heaven. I'm a proud grandpa of my little grand-daughter (4 months old). Christ like love healed me of any anger I may have felt for my father because I didn't understand that my father was doing the best he could with all he was taught. Over the years, I have loved and hugged my father many times before he passed away 2 yrs ago. I spoke at his funeral and again expressed that love I felt for him. My father knows I love him with all my heart. My true why is to know that I am child of God and to honor my family name in trials and success. With God on my side I can not fail.


I could go on to say that my story is very similar if not the mirrored same to a multitude of others to which would bring up reflected harbored feelings to some. May be that should be shared with the ones you want to tell your story to which would help you resolve those feelings. I for one lost my father last VETERANS DAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2012. I fed him his last meal. Before he past on the next life, he looked at and said, " I AM NOT YOUR FATHER ". Then pulled his last breath. WOW, I WAS SHOCKED by the last thing he was to say to me EVER ! Even so, I went into the life saving mode I had trained to do many years early while the sirens screamed in the background to get here. While I worked to give him my life, the others got there to take over. After saying my last to him, I faced my MOM. Shocked as she was, she knew he had lived the life. He and I could be in the same room and still be a million miles apart. I can hardly remember the brief time[s] we had together. Sad. As good or whatever it is, spend the most with what you have at whatever the cost. Can't rewind your life bcause this is it. I will miss him today but my Son touched me. While I wrote him back on FB, I had tears streaming down my face being greatful for the LOVE he has for me. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIFE FOR YOUR PARENTS FOR GRANTED. DO ALL YOU CAN FOR THEM BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHOW THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL THEY HAVE DONE AND GIVEN YOU. I hope someone reads this and takes it to the next level. PAY IT FORWARD!

Happy Father`s Day to all

I wish every Dad..... and Mom`s and that have been both a Father and Mother for a many kids for a reason or another.....enjoy this terrific day and spend it all with those kids that every moment surprise us with a comment, a question, a statement, even a smile etc. there is NEVER a boring moment when you have kids. As Dean said, there is no bigger love than your children nothing compares to that feeling when they are born, even before there born, you already love them, and there is no favoritism either they are all equal in a mother`s and father`s love for their children and we would do anything to keep them safe. HAPPY FATHER`S DAY!

Father's day is a special day!

Thanks AJ.

Your telling of your story brought back great memories of my dad, and tears to my eyes.


Al Lashley. Lovingly Divine
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Samurai XV. Festina Lente.

Happy Father's day.......

To you Dean and all my fellow DG Fathers, HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!

As I sat here trying to think of the best Father story about my Dad, I couldn't come up with just one.(There could be many.) My Dad has been gone 18 years now and most of the stories are now just memories occasionally brought back to life. HOWEVER, just prior to this Father's day, I had the opportunity to join some recent excercises from my IE Life coach with my Dad's legacy. Dad taught us to always help those you can. "The result from doing this will last forever."

Just a few weeks ago, I had to return to my old hometown for a memorial service for my Dad's sister. My Dad and Mom were raised in towns just 5 miles apart so my entire childhood, until the age of 16, encompassed this one area. (My Aunt still lived minutes away from my hometown.) One week after the service, my sister had arranged a Family Reunion for our first cousins. A family riff had separated us all about 40 years ago. A suggestion for the site of this reunion was asked for and we all agreed that a perfect place would be where we all had been together last (Mom's old hometown.)
On the final day of our reunion, my cousin Linda and her husband joined my sister and myself to see our very first house (where I lived until the age of 6 years.) My memories of this house included the garage that my Dad bred his Canary birds in as well as the fruit trees Dad planted in the back of the house as well as a garden back there as well.( Dad was a farmer wanna be. lol ) Since the yard was bordered by a little creek, my Dad also raised ducks that used the creek during the day after Dad fed them before heading off to work. (Like clockwork, they would show up back at their pen for dinner about 10-15 mins before he returned from work. lol )
My cousins and sister came in one car and I in my car. We got out of the cars and started talking, reminicing about our memories of the house. (My sister was 7 when we left.) We didn't notice that the window in what was our den was open and a voice came from that window " Can I help you?" We walked up to the window apologizing for disturbing the woman but explained that we used to live in this house about 50 years ago and we were back in town and just wanted to see it again. The woman then said," My parent's must have bought this house from your parents because they had owned the house for about 50 years." ( She had recently moved back to the house to care for her Father, still living in the house.) WOW were we surprised. What a coincedence? The woman asked if we would like to come in and see the house which we eagerly said YES to. While we were looking at the back yard, we told the woman that where she now had a pool, our Dad grew his strawberries and Rhubarb. She then said " We still get strawberries in the back yard and they never EVER bought a strawberry plant so they didn't know how they got there." Now she knew Eye-wink

So this Father's day, I have a memory that is fresh, and new and an example of how things you do CAN last forever, or at least 50 years (and counting Laughing out loud )

Have a great day everybody and thanks for reading my story.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member


Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

My Father

That was beautiful I can relate to everything you said my father also passed three days prior to yours I know your pain today we can use this memory as a stepping stone to further our own lives lets not take anything for granted God bless You

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dean,
Happy Father's Day!
I know what an exeptional father you are, from that E.D.G.E. I've attended this year. You bring your children to a stage. They were loved then, and I feel that they have all the love from you all the time!
Thank you, stay well,
Sima M Schwartz


Sima M Schwartz


Dear Dean, through this site I want to wish a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all my DG Family friends and IE as well.

This is short but a heartfelt congratulation.

Keep having a wonderful and safe day.

Blessings to you all.


Thanks Steve...

I was left wanting to know more of your story...


An hour of effective, precise, hard disciplined thinking can be worth a month of hard work. Empire builders spend hour-after-hour on mental work while others party. Then after the thinking...they take action.

Father's Day

Happy Farher's Day to you Dean and to your lovely children.

I was blessed to have had a wonderful loving father who was a WW II veteran who was the recipient of the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart. He had three brothers who also served during the war, one in the Navy and two in the Seebeas.
My father served in the Army. His father had immigrated to the US where he raised his four sons during the Depression years after his wife had died when my father was 10 years old. Raising four sons through the Depression years, my grandfather became very having his four loving sons all serving in harm's way in the war. This service to country made some excellent fathers who produced the "war babies" to which I am proud for the loving mentoring relationship that my father provided to me.

When I was in high school my brother and I helped my father to build a house that became a rental unit . My brother and I still have this unit some 46 years later. Real estate is truly something that can create a legacy through one's sweat equity. While watching my father's investment strategies, I told my father that I needed to come up there to also invest in real estate.. His best advice to me was "no you do not". He said you have a lot more opportunity right where you are. Yes dad, we do have diamonds in our own backyard . If I had not taken my father's advice, I would not be as successful without his loving mentorship.

Yes, it was nice to receive calls from my children wishing me a Happy Father's Day, but the greatest pride was having them have successful lives with their families and children.

I believe that strong fathers and mothers make strong families.

Happy Father's Day to all the DG fathers and families.


In Memory of my Father

First off- Happy Father's Day Dean!

Second, I lost my Dad 4 years ago, before I started in real estate. He never got to see how I was doing with it. I hope he would be proud of me today and what I have achieved so far. He was a good man and I still miss him. So, to every Dad out there- Happy Father's Day! Children grow up too fast, so enjoy the time now!!
Linda Dubbs

To The Fathers That Are Dads

Dean happy Father's Day!!! You deserve to have an exploding day!! I also think that all dads should be thnking the Lord for the sons and daughters he has blessed you with. Because a lot of "fathers" don't realize what a gift he was blessed with when life just passed them by and thier kids are grown and don't who or what their child is or become as adults when they didn't want the responsability. So to all the DADS out there, "I give you all a shout out" Keep being the Best Dads you already are.



Happy Fathers day to all!

Sorry cant say more but to personal right now and getting REALLY choked up trying to read this...Going to call it a day and try to read some of it tomorrow!




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Fathers Day

Happy father's Day to all there. My own Father did the best that he could with the 5 of us. Dean you are the best and thank you for all you have done for us all.


Remembering, My Dad! This man loved his JOB! Worked for Scott Paper Company for 43 years. (Do not think to many people will work 43 years nowadays for a company. Maybe, for 5-10 companies in 43 years.) He was a good Father to his wife and 3 children. He passed in January 5, 1985, the same day his Mother died 20 years earlier. Think she was calling him.

To all the Father's Have a Great Day!

My Earthly Father

My Dad was a simple Blacksmith.

He only completed the 3rd grade, however God gave him tremendous knowledge and most of all tons of wisdom.

It was such a privilege to grow and learn with him in a blacksmith shop. He thought me to fix anything.

He was Patient, Kind, and generous with everything.

Most of all he valued and respected people. He loved to sit and chat with anybody and maybe share a melon while talking about anything.

I loved my Pop and really miss him.....

keeping it simple....

May God bless every father & mother out there.
May He bless Everyone. Every last sheep of His.


RISE 2013....

Father Day


Just want to wish everybody a happy Father's day. My dad is a hard worker and I learned to always work hard as well. My dad broke his neck last year on a jet ski accident and can no longer work. Im grateful that he came out of surgery great and is able to walk. Thanks to dean and his education im able to help my dad and sort of retire him from labor work. So thank you and Happy Father Day

Happy Fathers Day

I would like to honor all the Fathers of our DG family. I also would like to
honor my father whom I lost a few years back. I would like to honor my husband. Happy Faathers Day to all of you and many more.

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