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Adam Thomason
Spring Valley, NY
About Me: 

Teacher's Aide by day, healthcare worker by night, and a real estate investor in between and all around. Started my real estate company in late 2011 called Lafayette Real Estate Solutions, LLC. Currently I'm looking into a few markets in PA, and planning to move there late next year. I read Dean's books last year and was inspired to start my company and do some deals concentrating on seller financing. Well, that strategy didn't work out, but at the same time I got engaged, received a promotion at my job, and got a new job at the same time. So I put my company in the back burner up until now. Re-reading Dean's books gave me a new fire in me even though I read his books so many times. I'm having my wedding ceremony and pre-honeymoon vacation in August. So come September I'm going to restart everything up in my company. I'm planning on doing lease options. Reading Greg's story inspired me to take that route. The good Lord will bless me in my mission to become wealthy and successful. God bless you all.

I like to work out, and read history, political, and real estate/finance books.

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Real Estate Investor/Teacher's Assistant/Healthcare worker
No Children
Some Post Graduate

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