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Much needed mentor for a newbie investor (so cal) Bettina.gutierrez010 years 45 weeks ago

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San Diego investor ready to connect!!!

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Hi Bettina,

I am ready to get started when you are.
We would sign off on a bird-dog contract and get going.

Here is the message I received from you:

'Hi Mary, I love the opportunity you present and would love to get started. PM me and let me know when you are available. As well as when you would need the 1,000 investment. Have a nice day'



What Can I Do For You Now?

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Hi Bettina,
Hope you have been well.
You reached out to me last year and if you are still interested in my helping you now would be a good time to do that.

I have an opening and am interested in Southern California.

Lets' make some money!