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Mary Eastman
Phoenix, AZ
About Me: 


Like many of you, my interest in real estate started with infomercials!
Different friends had different recommendations. Attending REI forums, Groups and
Clubs. I benefited So much from Dean's teachings and read his first book in about 10 hours.

*What I do today is assisting a few as they Bird Dog or Flip. Some
Bird Dog with me a few times and move onto flipping. Our relationship is sometimes as short as one deal, sometimes a few deals before you are rolling.

*I work with Cash Buyers that buy and flip in all 50 States. Credit Isn't A Concern.

*(This Does Require a $1000. Investment that can be covered in two payments and you get that investment back after the Cash Buyers purchase the first property).
Most have a relative or friend loan them the investment deposit and don't
pull those funds out of their own pocket.

Your 'skin in the game' investment is $1000. You and I find at least one property that the buyers purchase and your $1,000. is returned to you after the first deal closes. You are paid $3,000. for each deal. Most deals close in 30 days.

*The buyers have simple guidelines to follow and I guide us through them.

*We Bird Dog together, submit the property and once the deal is closed we're looking at a 25 to 45 days to get paid!

*We can continue working together or you can work with the buyers directly. If you want to do flips with the buyers you can after we complete our one deal together.

*We help each other.
I assist through the entire process.
We pin-point an area or look into a property/properties.
I bid and put up Earnest funds.
We gather needed information.
We submit the deal and if accepted the buyers swoop in and take care of everything else.
Soon after closing we get paid!

Lets Make Some Money!

p.s. If I blog about our adventures names and places will be changed for privacy.
If properties are found that don't meet these buyers criteria you can offer them on this website to other buyers.


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So Excited!!!

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I'm very excited to get started.
Thank you!


Still Excited!

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Lovin the Success Academy!

Thank you!

Anyone in Phoenix AZ? A Mentor maybe?

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Carlton Sheets Works - So this should too...an example

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I know a man that bought Carlton Sheets ($300.)and obtained an $88.k - 3/2/2 condominiun in Tempe, AZ. He put no money down. The owner agreed to cary him for 2.5yrs and then he would have to finance or sell the property.

The owner wanted 7% but my friend offered the owner 9% ...as paying 9% was only $100. more a month.(a good faith measure).

My friend had just over $100. in the bank was was able to find room-mates to help with his payment.

after 2.5yrs he sold the property and made $55.k - which he put down on a $305.k house.

My friend was only looking to get one home and not become an investor.

If he can do that then I feel that I can do this.




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Hi Mary:

Are you ready to get going in a big way? Plz let me know how I can help.

Aloha & Mahalo!

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Hello and Welcome to the DG Community!
May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a vast array of information at your disposal on this site. Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available. It would also be to your advantage to complete your profile to it's fullest as well as creating your own personal journal such as my example here: http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/54326/...


Hi Amaria,

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To answer your question, Yes! I am ready to get going in a big way!

How can you help? Thank you for that.
1) In training they want me to build a buyers list of 30 then wittle that down to 10 with 5 main buyers.
to basically find then ask buyers - 'if I had a faboulas deal that I couldn't fund - would they want to know?'

So if I could place you on my buyers list too - that would be great! I reread some of your notes stating that you might be funding a short sale soon?

2) Otherwise, Tell me what you'd have me do Amaria. I am still training with Deans Success Academy and we can get their input if you like?

Thank you Amaria!


I am always looking for partners!!

Maybe we can share techniques.


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Still stands, anything new?
Hope all is well

i want to work with u email me

lats do our frist deel

I'm a Newbie and Want to find out more

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Hello Mary,

I am new to the site and the opportunity awaiting for my package and book to arrive. Most of the posts I have come across are old but thought I would contact you to find out more. Appears you may know of a way to get started with minimum money down and I would love to find out more.

Teresa sends...

Not Sure Yet ?

This is my first time logging into this site, just trying to take it all in. It seems like a lot of fun , don't want to break the rules but interested in what you are doing. I'm kind of new in this field and ready to get started. I've read enough books and watch almost all the CD's pertaining to real estate I know there is a lot more to be learned but am ready to do deals!

I love what you are doing

I love what you are doing and it seems like it's very easy . When you first got started how long did it take before your first deal.Just thought I should ask the professionals. On the other hand am ready to get started like yesterday.

Mary's cash buyer connection

Hello Teresa

I'm theassociate. Just wondering if you signed up to use Mary's program ($1,000 investment) of finding properties but she does the bidding, placing the earnest money (from her buyers) and proof-of-funds letter, and providing the closing amount? If so, How did that go? I've got several properties where I am that may qualify for her buyers, but don't have the $1000 investment. I'd like to hear back from you if possible. Thanks, theassociate.

would like to work with a partner

hey there
if interested in working together pls contact me
priveate message thru DG family site... sorry but if you look me up you will notice that i did not write a bio sorry but i do not like doing that nor do i do facebook
do not like my info out there...but i am for real

lets see if we can work together
today is june 29th 2013

donna cosmas

I love what you are doing

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Hi Eurica,

Nice to meet you!

You should have a private message from me.

I look forward to hearing form you.



Would Like To Work With A Partner

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Hi Donna,

Nice meeting you!

You should have a private message from me.

I look forward to hearing from you.





My name is Julio and i want to start as a birddog too. I have lead from the state of florida in different cities. I am stating and i do not have the $1000.00 you are asking to work with you. it you want to work any different and help someone. Please let me Know. Thank you.

Hi Julio

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Hi Julio,

Nice to meet you!

There are other bird-dog offers on this website.
Those offers as far as I can see, don't pay as well but you might not have to invest money to work with them.

The cash buyers in this case do require the $1000. they might break that up into two payments of $500 but that's as far as they'll go.

The $1,000. is returned to you when the first property is sold.

It is required from the cash buyers I work with and there's nothing I can do there.




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I've yet to find cash buyers that cover every expense.

Some want you to put some 'skin in the game'. In other words you might be putting up an invested amount, Earnest funds or both.

I've seen where a higher paid bird dog invested $1,000 and walked away with $4,000 or more when working with cash buyers.

Cash buyers close quickly, you don't wait for a loan to clear and get paid

If this scares you there are some that will pay a bird dog between $500 to $1000 without you having to invest but
you might be putting up the Earnest funds of $500,$1,000 or more to secure the home.

This is what I have found.



The Cash Buyers I Am A Manager For Require A Small Investment.

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Forgive me for bursting any bubbles but the Cash Investors I work with require a $1,000. investment that is paid back to you when the first property closes.

They close on average in 30 days so your investment comes back to you in 20 to 45 days. You also get paid $3,000 as an 'investing' Bird dog.

I have been able to get that amount down to $500. in working with me only.

So if we worked together you would cover an investment that would be returned to you.

Needless to say the money to be made is Worth It!

Thanks again,

San Diego investor ready to connect!!!

Hi Mary, I love the opportunity you present and would love to get started. PM me and let me know when you are available. As well as when you would need the 1,000 investment. Have a nice day


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Lets Do This!

I'm Excited!!!

Are You Ready? I Can Help A Few More!

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A PM will get my attention Right Away and we'll get going!


Mary : D

getting started

i live in south bend, indiana and would like to get started. will work on getting the investment right a way...


One Of My Favorite REI Stories.

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The above story amazes me every time I read it!

working together

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Hi just came across your blog. I would be very interested in working with you. You said skin i the game was $1000.00
If you could give me some more details I would appreciate it.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson

Contact me ASAP

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Thank you
Mr Skulka

Birddogging in Central California

Hi Mary,

I am a new birddogger and am interested in finding properties for investors in Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties.

I would love to work with you. Please let me know if the above mentioned areas are of interest. Thank You!


Bird Dogging In Westchester County NY

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Hi Mary,
Let me know if you still need Bird Dogs, I placed some bandit signs and go a reply from a seller who just inherited a property and wants to get rid of it. Also his sister has a property she is looking to get rid of email me at joelbuyshomes@****

Credit&Experience Not Needed. Investment Needed But...

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Happy to hear from several Licensed Real Estate agents recently and some I am working with but experience is not necessary.

Credit is not an issue either.

So I am a Manager for Cash Buyers that purchase properties in all 50 states.

They do require a one time, $1000. investment deposit and that is returned to you after we buy the first property that we find together.

P.M. me please and we can talk, see what we can do to get you $3,700. to $5,000. after a 30 day close on a property we bird-dog together.



Requirements & Assurances Are Standard

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Requirements: There are standard terms and conditions that are signed off on. There is a $1,000 investment-deposit in order to have Cash Buyers that purchase in all 50 states available to you. That $1,000. investment-deposit is returned to you after the first property is purchased along with an additional $4,000. In other words a Bird-dog would get $5,000. paid to them after the first property is purchased.

I am living my dream! I don't succeed unless you succeed.

I am proud to be on this website and have been since 2008.


You will have a P.O.F. though as the Manager representing the Cash Buyers I place bids on properties.We are a team.

With Bird-dogging and Flips there are standard agreements and Dean has a Bird-dog agreement on this website.

So in other words assurances are standard. Requirements are standard.

I hope this helps! P.M. me and we will see what I can do for you!



investing in New Mexico

My name is Richard, Im looking for someone to invest in some local foreclosures. Call me at 505-750-4667.
email kyongswholesales@****