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just going to drop you a line for a quick click in order to get in touch with me!!Hey Brenda It takes 3 years to go through the process BUT!!!You can go back 3 years and pay the back taxes and you get a tax deed and become part owner then you have to go through the court to get a clear title!BUT!!!What I do is contact the owners of the property and talk to them into signing the deed over to me! As a matter of fact I just got a deed to a lot at Baldwin Branch a man signed over to me!So there are many ways to make money in tax sales. And you can get a property through the mail without having to go downtown! And you can look up all the properties from the computer!Hpe I have helped you!I'm going to ride out to your property to look at it and maybe I'll run into you. Thanks Darrellf334

how long does it take to get

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how long does it take to get a property in montgomery paying taxes i want to do this just really scared of sticking my neck out to far