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Brian Wilson
St. Louis, MO
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Highly motivated investor specializing in wholesale properties of single family homes in the state of Missouri.

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Discounted Properties in Missouri

Please forward me your listing - I'm looking for any 3 and 4+ bedroom homes under $100,000.

Just to say hello

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I am from Lebanon MO and I just made my first deal.

Want to join group

I am an investor in New Franklin, MO. I want to start networking with investors in Missouri.

Discounted properties in Missouri

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I am very much interested in your deals/properties. I will sent you my contacts as soon as possible.
Deimen Lihpai

trying to discover

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Looking to still find My first deal. Can anyone help me put the pieces together? just getting started any pointers can help. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Re: Cash Buyers List

Hi, My name is Linda and I wanted to ask you a question. I live in southern California and I wanted to know if you can tell me how to go about getting a list of Cash Buyers? Thank you for your time.


3br- 1ba

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I have a 3bd/1b in Kansas City for sale.

Rents for $650. Asking 57,900

Starter Homes St. Louis City and County

Hi my name is Faye I'm a motivated investor always looking for motivated seller. 2,3,or 4 bedrooms from $10.000 - $100.000

Missouri Houses

Hi I am a cash buyer looking for 3bd2bth homes from any price range. Wide range of what I want, such as fix/flip, buy hold, etc. Just want a good roi! IF any one is in the saint Louise, Kansas city area that can get me deals I would love it!


970 515 2122
Double Ss Properties

Hi Buzz6182

Do you still have more houses you would like to sell in that area or something in the surrounding area. In need of some rentals!!! OR Houses in general, vacant starter home etc.


Double s props
970 515 2122

mo deals

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Hi, I have several properties in a college town one and 1/2 hours from st Louis. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you details. kimrengaw@****

I have a properrty in New Haven


I have a property a friend of mine, going thru a divorce, actually divorce final.
Property is hers, and has not been listed
yet, paperwork should be on the way.
It is in New Haven Ct. Vacant priced at 79,500 3-4 bedroom. Anybody interested call me. 707-816-8558****


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Please read the ad I have below in my newsletter.....

"Over 40 Kansas City, MO homes – beautifully rehabbed and turn-key – Going fast! You pick the ones you want!"

I have cash buyer call me

I have cash buyer call me 816-329-9866 ican heple

I'm fairly new but I'm

I'm fairly new but I'm working my butt off. Looking for any cash buyers in KC MO.

Any Help would be really

Any Help would be really appreciated!