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Lebanon, Missouri
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I am 69 and still working part time.
I would like to retire completely on real estate.
I am married to a very good man Bruce. He helps me in all the messes (other ventures) that I try to do.
I have given up on everything and I am going to give this a solid try.
I need all the help I can get.

I am a writer and an artist painter. I ride horse back with my husband. We have seven horses. I do wood working.

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Circulation director for local newspaper- working part time.
Completed College


I am looking for partners

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I have three nice places that I feel would make very good purchaces. I want to buy them and I don't know how. I have no money to invest. I want to resell one of the houses and use the others for rentals for awhile. To give me some cash flow. I am working with a very nice realtor, she tells me I need a pof and cash down to make an offer. These are all reo. Help please.

for added information

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I have done a lot of my studies in the accademy. I am still working on this.I have started my advertisements, I have my power team of people started. I have contractors on board and house inspector, and a couple of realtors. One realtor,I really like.

one purchase started

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OK today I put in a letter of intent on a house that I will resell. It is a nice house built in 2005 and is not that bad - it needs new paint and new carpet- thieves cut out the copper in the a/c and I will have to replace that. But it looks like a good buy. My offer is for 19000. The retail price is 39900 to 49900. I am anxious to see the results now.

my offer was accepted

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My offer was accepted now I need the letter of credit or POF to finish it.
I am excited I finally had the nerve to get started. Now what do I do?