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I am getting back into R.E.

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Hi All,
I sold my last investment home in May 2008 and have been out of the RE market since. I know that the world has changed since then so I just bought Dean's latest book and expect to have it in a few days.

It looks like Dean has the proverbial "Fire Hydrant" of information to choose from but I would like some direction on my re entry into this marketplace using Dean's stuff.

I have experience in Property Scouting, Wholesaling, rehabbing & flipping in the Illinois & Wisconsin marketplace's.

I need to create both short term and long term income (who doesn't)

If you have any suggestions on what's really working for you I would appreciate it.

P.S.I am not looking for know it all's who are not active in today's RE market.

Upcoming Chicago DG Meetings????

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Yesterday I went into Deans weekly blog and a popup appeared showing upcoming Chicago area DG presentations in March I believe???
I went back in this morning and now cannot find any information on this.
Anyone know of a link?